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Young Lasallians

No description

Dustin Perry

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Young Lasallians

As Young Lasallians we are are Passionate about:

Our Vision and Passion
We understand the privileged role that young people play in evangelizing other young people, and as such we are called and encouraged to participate in the structures of the institute as representatives and advocates for Young Lasallians.
Our Voice
We commit to:

Understanding local realities,

Connecting and networking with each other at various levels,

Promoting the values of faith, service and community through the exposure and connection to the worldwide Lasallian Educational Mission.

Inviting others to begin a reflection on accompaniment.
Our Commitment
Young Lasallians
International Symposium 2014
Circular 461
“I am Lasallian. I am Lasallian 24 hours a day – in my
work, with my family, when I pray. The values I hold, the person
I try to be, the work I do and the relationships I have are all lived
within this context. Being Lasallian is where I find God and it is
where I am called to try and live as faithfully as I can the values
of the gospel.”
A Way of Life
Who is a...
Agents of Change
Power of Invitation

Building Hope Together
The Young Lasallian Movement aims at awakening awareness of the personal and collective vocational journey of adolescents and young adults involved in the Lasallian Educational mission. This movement engages us on a personal, professional, and spiritual level, to go beyond our boundaries to reach out so that we, and those we accompany, may have life, and have it in its fullest.
Utilizing our Lasallian global network

Advocating and supporting the personal and vocational growth of other young people

Being active in the Lasallian Educational Mission, especially through service with the poor.
Young Lasallians are 16-35 year olds who...
teaching staff
non-teaching staff
Lasallian Youth
Lasallian Scouts
Signum Fidei
Vocations Groups
Youth Ministers
Lasallian Sisters
Former Students
All young people linked to the Lasallian Mission
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