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Achieving a Readable Style CLASSROOM

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Achieving a Readable Style CLASSROOM

Last time we talked about sentence structure to achieve a readable style
Precise Word Choice
using the right word increases clarity
What do you think/feel?
We want to avoid negative connotations
Emphasize what is rather than what isn't
In response to your question about how many coats of Chem-Treat are needed to cover new surfaces:
How do we achieve a readable, professional style of writing?
Achieving a Readable Style Part II
Precise Word Choice: Connotations
Now we're getting into the word level
refers to thoughts and feelings associated with words
pit bull
what something can do rather than can't do
I'm happy to report that usually two coats succeed in protecting new surfaces.
I regret to report that usually two are required.
Try it out...
What is the writer's #1 Goal?
See Connotation Worksheet
For Sunday 10/9: Communication Final Drafts
For Next Week: Read Chapter 7
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