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A Gesture of Hope

No description

James Winchester

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of A Gesture of Hope

A Gesture of Hope
Tools to promote movement, engagement and creativity
Anthony Rhys (@trinityfieldsit) & James Winchester (@jwinchester25)

What is gesture based technology?
GBT gives some pupils the chance to effect their own environments themselves.
GBT enables some of our pupils to do things that they simply could not do before.
They do not need to speak, use a keyboard, mouse or even a switch to interact and have an effect on their environment- they just have to move (in whatever way they are able to) and explore
Microsoft Kinect
Webcam - Po-motion
Interactive Floor Projections
Trinity Fields School
Oak Grove College
Evidencing the use of GBT
New Technologies
First Steps were creating a interactive projection in our sensory room - using software called PO-Motion.
PO-MOtion lets an end user create affordable interactive surfaces using any regular USB web camera, any projector, and almost any computer. The software is free to try, easy to download and install.
Microsoft Kinect
Started to explore the potential of using the Kinect with our students.
Using Processing to code our own applications
Night Sky Painter
Visikord - Instant engagement for students who would often shy away from physical activity.
An application of ten simple but beautifully engaging interactions using the Microsoft Kinect hardware, designed by Dr Wendy Keay-Bright
Eyegaze - Oak Grove College
PLC collected evidence of using this technology for engagement.

Using the engagement profile and scale from the SSAT
Did an 'audit' of school accessibility to ICT in 2011, surprisingly only 17 pupils used keyboard access out of school population of 128, around 40 used switches, what where the rest using?

Looked into current technologies that could help fill a large gap, mainly with our PMLD, SLD and hard to reach ASD pupils.

After three years we have 9 Kinects in classes and dedicated support session time, 6 eyegaze units meeting needs of 20 pupils and technology further integrated into classes and teaching.
It's good to share!
Met up with a few like minded people through Twitter.
Set up a wiki site and a Professional Learning Community to share information.
Got Sector Leading Practice in last Estyn Inspection in November 2012.
Sensory Room Install
To put an interactive wall and floor display into our sensory room for minimal cost.
Chosen to have largest impact on our students at school.
Needed to be easily accessible and work straight out of the box.

Oculus Rift
Video Tagging
Currently trialling eyetracking for cognitive assessments.
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