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Need to clarify....

No description

Eric Wilson

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Need to clarify....

What is ATT
Mobile Form?
Formerly ProntoForm

Limited data collection

Allows for 45 days of data...

Not complete system

CSV Files are messy and requires clean up
Subtracting SiSense
LeGrand's goal is to migrate away from SiSense to save cost and move something that has flexibility

ProntoForm will continue to collect data but not generate reports
What is SiSense
A report builder based on data extracted from SiSense

Uses SQL from CSV files to generate limited web-based reports

Very expensive and limited
Right purpose
There is too much confusion in the current technology setting....

Not using the correct software for the right purpose will not give you what want or needs...
Truth on FileMaker
FileMaker is not a report builder alone....does not replace SiSense

To generate reports, you have to have data.

FileMaker replaces ATT Wireless AND SiSense.
Requirements for reports
Simultaneously, need to collect current data and past data using a database
FileMaker is a database that can generate reports based on information entered into the database
FileMaker allows data collection on iOS products, Web and client software
What about Google - Access ?
GoogleForms are easy but very limited
The SQL hookup from Google to Access is very fragile
Access is not popular
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