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Uneasy Homecoming - Analysing the Opening

No description

Hannah Thompson

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of Uneasy Homecoming - Analysing the Opening

Uneasy Homecoming - Analysing the Opening
The Opening
Personally, how would you describe the opening?
It is written in third-person... Why is this effective? Why is this better than first-person?
How is Connie presented?

Why is it beneficial to know how she is feeling?

Why is she wrestling with her feelings?

What impact does this have on the reader?
The writer tries to establish a genre... a pyschological thriller (Psychological refers to the process of the mind.)

How does he do that?
- Descriptive writing style... setting
- Detail as to what Connie is thinking and feeling (she is very analytical of her own feelings)
- Creates suspense through particular words & phrases
- Identify main conventions within the opening
- Analyse language

Back up your opinions with quotations from the text!!
Anything else?
Narrative Voice
- Real time
- Isolated property

Analysing Language

"The red, dying sun cast long shadows..."
- Personifcation
- Mention of death creates unease
- Emphasises that it is getting dark
Sentence Structure

"Those other houses were across the bay
to be sure,
but there was no reason to be upset."
- Adds additional information... reinforces the isolation...
Short sentence
"Then the feeling changed."
- Highlights a sense of danger... "Changed" reinforces the character's wrestle with her feelings... "Inconspicious" suggests that something is hiding, going unnoticed. This reinforces a sense of unease for the reader.
"Something quite inconspicious."

- The amount of detailed action that takes place... (Link this with your discussion of 'real time')
Structuring your CA
Clear introduction... introducing what you are going to discuss.
Analyse the title
Style of opening (conventions)
Narrative Voice
Sentence Structure

Clear conclusion, rounding up your discussion!
Use PEE throughout
Give your personal opinons
Consider impact on reader
Words to use when analysing:
- Reinforces
- Suggests
- Promotes

The word 'Uneasy'
'Causing anxiety'


Analyse the title!!!
Connie - female... isolated... classic...
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