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Media Influence On Children PPT

No description

Juliet Oh

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Media Influence On Children PPT

Content Page Media Influence
Vulnerability of Children
Portrayal of Food
Attraction of Children Attention
Children Responses
Negative impacts on Children
Influence of the Media Exposure to food advertisement: Increase food consumption & hunger
Audiences are most commonly exposed to food advertisements
Yearly, audience view 1000s of TV advertisements Vulnerability of Children Towards Media Influence Children are most influenced
Able to get their parents to purchase the advertised products
Children are too naive to infer the underlying message in advertisements How Food is Portrayed in the Media Different mediums such as:
TV-Commercials/ Radio/ Posters/ Magazines/ Bill-boards/ Online Ads The pictures used in advertising make the food look better than reality How Food is Portrayed in the Media How Food is Portrayed in the Media Advertisers make it seem as though their products is the best, by exaggerating the greatness of their products How Food is Portrayed in the Media Mixed signals in the portrayal of food in TV & Magazines
Audience are exposure to images pertaining to junk food & thin models at the same time
Thus, creating a state of confusion among these audiences How it Attracts Children's Attention Fast-food
Kid's meal - Give toys as complements
Popular movies incorporated into advertising campaigns
Use of:
- Cartoon characters on food product packaging
- Colours
- Language Responses of Children Towards these Advertising Gimmicks Appealing music coupled with any products from advertisements result in prominent sales effect
Children pester their parents to buy the advertised food
- E.g. Latest creations shown in advertisements Negative Impacts on Children Health Related Issues:
- Asthma
- Heart Disease
- Diabetes
- Hepatic Steatosis
- Sleep Apnea Solutions Limit TV Watching < 2Hrs/day
Provide parental guidance on advertising gimmicks
Encourage children to participate in other fulfilling activities
Set good examples when choosing food Conclusion Media is not entirely to blame for these negative impacts on children
Parents also have the responsibility to supervise & educate their children
Instill in them the notion of maintaining a healthy lifestyles THANK YOU!
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