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Quiz for Peaceful March to Makkah

No description

Rahila Irfan

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Quiz for Peaceful March to Makkah

Jafar and the king of Abyssinia
7. How many people were present to take their pledge?
5. Who was the Prophet's emissary to the Makkans?What happened to him?
Uthman bin Affan was the Prophet Muhammad's emissary to Makkans. Abu Sufyan offered him to make tawaf araound the Kabah without the other Muslims but Uthman denied. Upon his refusal, the Quraysh held him histage.
Pg no 145 & 146
(Q no 4,9 & 10 is cancelled)
1. When did Prophet head to Makkah and why?
Ans: In the month of Thul-Qidah in the 6th year after Hijrah, the Prophet (S.A.W) set off with the intention of performing Umrah
Pg no 143
1: D
2: A
3: A
4: A
5: A
6: B
7: B
8: A
9: C
10: C
2. Why did he chose the month of Thul Qidah to perform is visit to Makkah?
Ans: Prophet chose Thul-Qidah to visit to Makkah because it is included in Al-Ash-hur-ul-Hurum, or the sacred Months in which fighting of any kind was prohibited and Prophet's intention was only peaceful visit to Makkah.
3. What was the Prophet;'s main motive for visiting Makkah additional to worshipping in Al Masjid Al Haram?
Ans: The real objective of the Prophet (S.A.W) was to find a peaceful way to resolve the conflict between the Muslims and the Pagans.
6. What is Bay'at-ur-Ridwan?Why did the Prophet call for it? And where did it happen?
Bay'at-ur-Ridwan is the Pledge of the Good Pleasue.
When the rumor spread about Uthman being killed, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) gathered all 1400 Muslims together. And while standing under an old acacia tree he took pledge from the Muslims to avenge the death of Uthman.
8. How long had it been since the Prophet was in Makkah?
Ans: 6 Years

Ans: 1400 Muslims
Pg no 148
True or false
1: F
2: T
3: F
4: T
5: F
6: T
7: F
8: F
9: T
10: T
Pg No 147 is cancelled
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