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John Cabot

john cabot the explorer

Kourtney Smith

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of John Cabot

John Cabot
On June 24, 1497, 50 days into the voyage Cabot landed on the east coast of North America.
in 1493, when Columbus passed through the city on his way to report to the spanish monarchs the results of his western voyage.
North American Voyage
The English interpreted the name Giovanni to be John
He was born as Giovanni Caboto but changed his name to be John Cabot
Also known as Zuan Chabotto, Juan Cabotto
He named his ship the Matthew
Was the son of a spice merchant, Guilo Caboto
John is the reason we speak English today in North America
Interesting Facts
John Cabot Birth Place
He was born in1450
He died in 1499
Born in Genoa, Italy
john dreamed to go from the
Atlantic ocean to ...
"Sailed in this tract so far toward the west, that the island of Cuba be on my left hand in manner in the same degree of longitude."
-John Cabot

Dreamed of crossing Atlantic to reach Asia
In Bristol, England he became a trusted businessman.
1493- heard about Columbus's discovery of a sea route ( thought it was coast of Asia)
King Henry VII agreed to sponsor John's voyage


Although John returned with no proof that he had landed in China, King Henry was excited that Cabot had found land.
claimed land for England and Venice (putting two flags down)
King Henry told Cabot to search for areas "unknown to all Christians."
John Cabots timeline
Flag of the country John represented
The Columbian Exchange
What is it?

The Columbian Exchange is the exchange of plants, animals, and ideas between the new world (The Americas) and the old World (Europe)
How does it relate to today?
We could've been like the Native Americans if it weren't for The Columbian Exchange, it helped save modern day animals we eat today. We wouldn't have amazing technology or skyscrapers if it weren't all for the Columbian Exchange
How does it relate to exploration?
When Europe explorers went to the Americas, they took seeds to plant crops. Rats hide in the ships and explores carried germs for diseases.
Kourtney Smith

Elizabeth Gomez

Jeselyn Thouvenel
John Cabot was born
He moved to Venice
He married a girl named Mattea
He moves to Spain
He moves to England
May 1497
He discovers America
June 24, 1497
He lands in Newfoundland
June 24, 1497
He claims the land
August 6 1497
He returns to England
Feburary 1498
His second voyage began
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