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Kemi and the famous snow castle

No description

Omar Qayed

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Kemi and the famous snow castle

Kemi and the famous snow castle
About Kemi?
Kemi is a small town in Finland. Its population is 24,000. Kemi is the only town which its river freezes during winter. There is ice far covered with sparkling white snow.
The world's largest snow castle can probably be found in the town of Kemi in northern Finland. The castle was 17 meters high and its walls was 1100 meters long. The snow castle, together with a courtyard surrounded by four meter high walls, covers 1,460 square meters. The castle has restaurants, an art gallery, a hotel and even a chapel. The art gallery in the snow castle is filled with statues all made of ice. How beautiful they are! What a pity, they melt away when spring comes!

The greatest Snow Castle in the world.
The first Snow Castle
The first snow castle in Kemi was built in 1996. It has got a great attention right from the start and nowadays Kemi is world-wide known because of this building. Every year the castle has to be built from scratch. What a hard (and chilly) work it must be!

Weddings in the snow castle
The heart of the snow castle is an ecumenical chapel. Dozens of couples have had their marriage blessed in the chapel amid snow and ice. However, the bride should have some warmer clothing than usual! Children have also been there. The three storey chapel seats over one hundred people.

The Snow Castle Hotel
How about spending a night there? The bed looks comfortable, there is a television set - but the television table is made of ice and the walls of snow. The temperature inside is below zero but one can actually sleep there very well. So, make your reservation beforehand to get a room because the rooms are filled almost every weekend.

The Snow Castle in 2012
Done by:
Ahmed Sakkar, Ahmed Youssef, Ghaith Abdulrahman,Omar Nabil, Saeed Abdulla, Saeed Essa 7B
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