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#6A - Power of PMA

No description

Kim Cubitt

on 25 March 2018

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Transcript of #6A - Power of PMA

Learning to believe in one's self

Know your personal strengths

Journal Entry - In your journal, write down 3 of your strengths as they relate to work skills.
Journal Entry
Answer each of the following:

1. I am thankful for...

2. Other people compliment me on my ability to...

3. Something I would like other people to know about me is...

4. I am really good about myself when...

5. I am proud of my ability to...

6. Something nice I recently did for someone else was...
Watch Video Clip
Journal Entry: Watch these video clips, choose your favorite, and decide what message you can take from it and apply it to your life.
Developing PMA
PMA = Positive Mental Attitude
#6A - Power of PM0
Skills to Pay the Bills

This curriculum was developed by the US Department of Labor and is presented by Kim Cubitt from Kim Cubitt Consulting. As I narrate each slide, at the end I may add information that is not seen on the slide to enhance your learning. Let’s begin!
Congratulations! You are done with this tutorial. Make sure that you have completed all your Journal Entries, Discussion Board Questions and Extension Activities before moving on.
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