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Smarter-Balanced Preparations in Coeur d'Alene School District


Michael Nelson

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Smarter-Balanced Preparations in Coeur d'Alene School District

Coeur d'Alene School District
Division of Teaching & Learning
Smarter-Balanced Assessment Preparations

Today's Objectives:
Technology Readiness Tool
Building schedules and mobile labs
Planning for Make-ups
Proctoring and Observing
Who can/should be in the room?
Cost of proctoring the Smarter-Balanced
Learning from our Students
Focus Groups
Important dates
Preparing our students
ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Tests)
All multiple choice
Written/scored as a minimum proficiency
Clearly defined by standards
Static across subjects and grades
All students in the state took the same tests in the same content areas.
SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessments)
Computer adaptive test
Test changes based on student's responses
Multiple questioning techniques
Selected response, constructed response, technology enhanced
Performance tasks use real-world scenarios
Created by teachers (including 9 from SD271)
Core = Consistent
Standards = Expectations
Standards ≠ Curriculum
Standards ≠ Instruction
Standards ≠ Textbooks
Standards ≠ Values

Our "Top 40" have designed and piloted in English language arts and mathematics:
New curricular guides
New units and lessons
New assessments
We are now replicating to other content areas and subjects.
Join us in taking the Smarter-Balanced Practice Test at the table
Encourage our students to do their best.
Tonight's Homework:
March 18,
May 16,
There are no student/school/district results from this "field test."
First official results will be in 2014-2015.
Focus groups will be held around the district after each test to discuss how students felt about the exam and reinforce best practices.
Thursday, March 6, 2014
Idaho State Dept. of Education

Mr. Mike Nelson
Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Coeur d'Alene School District
(current freshmen) will be the first class required to pass all four exams to graduate in Idaho.
Cut Scores will be established as a result statewide as a result of this "field test."
Links to:
Take the practice test
View test blueprints
See student accommodations
Learn of ways to prepare
See schedule of community "road shows"
Links to:
Common Core State Standards
Idaho Core Standards at the State Department of Education
Existing Curriculum Guides
Parent Guides for most grade levels
Four Years
in a Row!

Technology Readiness and Scheduling
Involve leadership team
Take out "blackout dates"
April 10/11 and May 8/9
Headphones needed for ELA and test information
District allocates resources
Buildings create their internal schedule
Required to post on website and communicate to parents
Build make-ups into schedule
Delivery of classroom activity
Continuing testing
Divide "estimated" testing time
Proctors & Observers:
Test managers (proctors) work with students during the exam
Assist with tools (info. button)
Ensure test security
Manage testing through TIDE
Refer to Test Admin. Guide (18)
Classroom teachers can be in the room during testing
Should not assist students
Should not wander around the room
Should assist the proctor if needed
Job sharing helps in keeping 1:15 ratio
Student motivators:
"Your work sets the standard"
Practice tools and questioning strategies from classroom
Familiar proctors; involve school personnel
Offer breakfast or motivational assembly
Frequent communication and "letting air out of balloon"
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