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Rebates By: Karmyn and Grace

No description

Mr. Parke

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of Rebates By: Karmyn and Grace

What percentage of Americans use rebates?
About 1/4 or around 25% of people actually claim and use rebates.
Disadvantages of Rebates
Some companies have trouble honoring their rebate offers. Some companies offer rebates with the knowledge that only a tiny amount of people will actually claim them.
Most companies are hoping that although rebates will attract customers to buy their products, most people do not have the time to completely and correctly fill out their rebate form
Local Store Rebates
Advantages of Rebates
BY: Grace and Karmyn

For manufacturers rebates provides several advantages
It boosts company sales and visibility.
It relieves problems of excess inventory
It attracts interest from retailers
More Disadvantages
The rebate of Cellulose Insulation at Home Depot is 10% off and up to $500 if you purchase it between January 1,2011 and December 31,2016.

At Giant Eagle you can download an app to get new rebates sent to your email everyday.
Yay!!! So Cool.
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