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Taming of the Shrew Important Facts and Scenes

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rachelle whetton

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Taming of the Shrew Important Facts and Scenes

Taming of the Shrew Important Facts and Scenes
Key Importance Issues
Tone: The overall tone of the play is light and comic, through the exploration of larger social questions such as
the proper relation of the sexes in marriage
lends much of the comedy a more serious tone.
Protagonists: Kate, Petruchio (Pete), Bianca, Lucentio (Lee)
Major Conflict: Pete's attempt to Tame Kate
assert his authority in the marraige and overcome her hotheaded resistance to playing the role of his wife.
Rising Action: Pete and Kate early verbal conflicts
Kates many scenes of shrewish behaviour
Including her attack on Bianca
Various disguises and subterguges of the subplot
Kate and Petes Comical Wedding
Major Conflict
While not one single issue- the fact that there is the long process of developmening in Kates changing behaviour.
Possible scenes that could be considered the 'climax' however are:
The wedding scene in Act III
Kates decision to submit to Pete in Act IV
Kates agreement to throw shame to the wind and kiss Pete in the middle of the street in Act IV
Lee and Bianca's Wedding where Pete wins the wife 'competition'.
Key Scenes we are looking at today
Act One: Scene Two- Pete and Harry. (lines 62-73)
Act Two Scene One- Pete and Katherine (lines-207-214)
Act Two scene One- Pete AT Katherine (line 261-272)
Act Four Scene Six- Kate to herself. (line 19-23)
Act Five Scene Two- Kate to herself. (line- 140-183)
Other Important elements
Falling Action: The banquet at Lucentio's House in Act V, scene II
Themes: Marriage as an economic institution; the effect of social roles on individual happiness.
Motifs: Disguise; domestication; fathers and their children
Symbols: Pete's wedding costume; the shrew
Activity One
In the scene you are to:
Identify the characters
Identify what is happening in the play
identify how each character is feeling about each other and the events of the play
identify how the characters feel about each other.
Activity Two
Do you agree or disagree with what has been written?

JUSTIFY WHY you feel this way.
Could you add anything to what is being said?
Could you explain more about the characters reaction to the situation?
Thiss needs to be done in PARAGRAPH formatting.
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