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Debbie Brown Autobiography

No description

Debbie Brown

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Debbie Brown Autobiography

Forever Learning
Growing and
Changing My life - Debbie Brown The School Years
1982 - 1994 Adult years 20's, 30's
and Today Discover the WORLD Money does not grow on trees 2011 to NOW Year 12 - 1994 Easter Hat Parade Many Schools Love of books and reading Born 1976 House keeping Learning to Ride Birth to Preschool
a happy safe environment, where I was free to play, learn and explore. My emergency entrance into the world impacted everyone immediately. Learning to ride takes time and practice. Balance, pedaling, steering and racing sisters all required my full attention and focus. From an early age I enjoyed and wanted to learn and help with housekeeping jobs. Reading is fun. It is a time for adventure, imagination and exploration. It is quiet time spent with Grandma and Mum. It is trips to the library to borrow a bag of books to enjoy and share. This was a wonderful learning experience. Designing, making and wearing my Easter Hat for all to see. The icing on the cake came when my photo appeared in the local newspaper, now I had to learn how to deal with fame With a Father in the military, state and school changes was a regular event. This time was all about learning -
* learning to adjust to new school rules
* learning to make new friends
* learning to be confident
* learning that I had 2 best friends - MY SISTERS and they were with me everyday I made it!!! I now have my HSC - Where to now? My parents could not afford to send me to Uni, so I started working towards my goal of becoming a preschool teacher. Baby steps - teaching swim school, part time childcare work, TAFE I put my years of learning Italian into practice with my first alone overseas holiday. A month of living and learning in Italy. I discovered so much about myself, made new friends, integrated into another culture and experienced so much in such a short time. Financial Management - I was taught from an early age to appreciate the real value of money and the power it has on my life. Learning to budget, buy a car, a home, getting married, having children and returning to study all impact my financial security. Learning life's lessons is hard. Returning to studies and obtaining my degree has been the best and biggest decision I have made in many years. I learnt very fast that travelling, studying full time, having a family and home to look after is tough, but fulfilling my dreams, goals and aspirations is necessary and something I will achieve. I look forward to the next few years working with other students and experienced tutors at Curtin University.
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