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Urban Sprawl

No description

Alex Bradley

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Urban Sprawl

New York- The city of NY has gone under a massive growth spurt.

Los Angeles-the city of los angeles has gone under a large growth spurt .

Las Vegas-The city of Las Vegas, Nevada has undergone a massive growth spurt.

Urban Sprawl
By Alex Bradley
Urban Sprawl-
urban sprawl is the unctrolled expansion of urban areas
What causes urban sprawl?
There are many causes of urban sprawl but some are the land rates are lower, which means the land and houses are cheaper. Another cause is the area has improved infrastructure, like increases spending like road or electricity.
What are the negative impacts that urban sprawl causes?
increased air pollution, overcosumption of water, loss of wildlife habitats, and increase racial and economic disparity are some of the negative effects. Increase risk of obesity can be cause from urban sprawl because of the reliance and convince of vehicles, which would be another negative effect.
Examples of urban sprawl in the US
Solutions to urban sprawl
If sustainable development is used huge cities are not made and instead spread it out so its not so congested and not so centered around one area.
What would happen to the environment if urban sprawl wasn't controlled?
The cities would become overdeveloped and all the wildlife would be killed off. The cites would also be overpopulated or the city would expand at the expense of the wildlife and forest.
examples of urban sprawl in other countries.
Canada has experienced urban sprawl in a majority of the cities and has changed 5.04% over the past couple of years
In china the spatial area of the cities is growing faster than the population and is forcing lower income people to live in the rundown areas of the city
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