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Savannah Rogers

No description

Savannah Rogers

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Savannah Rogers



Early Childhood
High School
Elementary and Middle School
#1: What are your earliest memories of reading or stories?
My earliest memories of reading is when I would read with my grandparents when my parents were away or when my family would read a book every night together.
#2: What were your favorite books or stories as a young kid?
"Dick & Jane" were usually the favorites in my family along with "The Giving Tree". My personal favorites were the "If you give a ____ a _____" books.
#3: How did you feel about reading when you first learned how to do it?
At first when I started reading, I thought it was a lot of fun being able to read and read about fun imaginary stories.
#4: How did your feelings about reading change in these years? Why?
My feelings changed because we started to read a lot more required books in Middle School and I would rather choose my own books.
#7: Did you enjoy writing during these years? Why or why not?
I didn't enjoy writing very much because I never really got into the whole writing thing. It just wasn't very enjoyable to me.
#5: What were your favorite books or stories at this time?
My favorite books in elementary and middle school were the "Goosebumps" series and "Junie B. Jones" was always a good read in elementary. "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games" were my series of choice in middle school.
#12: Do you enjoy fiction or non-fiction stories?
I prefer fiction books because you can have a lot more "action" in those books then you can in non-fiction books.
#14: What literature has had the greatest impact on you?
The literature that has impacted me most has got to be church books such as the Bible or Book of Mormon because most of the things I do and the standards I uphold come from the Bible or Book of Mormon.
#13: Do you like reading books, or just short texts like articles online or short stories?
I like short stories rather that books because they're easier to get through and i don't have enough patience and will power to get through a whole book unless it's really good.
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