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CLassroom Assessment Scoring System

No description

Dara Smida

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of CLassroom Assessment Scoring System

Classroom Assessment
Scoring System (CLASS) Overview of Instructional Support Classroom Organization Instructional Support Emotional Support Behavior Management
Instructional Learning
Formats Concept Development
Quality of Feedback
Language Modeling
Positive Climate
Negative Climate
Teacher Sensitivity
Regard for Student Perspective Analysis and reasoning
Connections to the Real World How Can I Provide
More Effective
Concept Development? Focus on understanding concepts

Encourage use of analysis and reasoning

Promote exploration of concepts

Link concepts across activities

Apply concepts to the real world

Take time to plan for concept development

Encourage children’s creativity How Can I Improve the Quality of Feedback I Provide? Focus on the process of learning

Scaffold learning

Provide specific information
about why answers are correct
or incorrect

Engage in “feedback loops”

Give lots of specific feedback

Encourage children to
persist in their work Concept
Development Analysis and
Reasoning Connections to
the Real World Creating Integration Quality of Feedback Scaffolding Encouragement
Affirmation Feedback
Loops Providing
Information Prompting
Processes Language
Modeling Frequent
Conversation Advanced
Language Open-Ended
Questions Self- and
Parallel-Talk Repetition
Extension Ask open-ended questions

Have conversations

Promote child-initiated language

Repeat and extend children’s responses

Use self-talk and parallel talk

Use advanced language

Encourage children to talk to
one another How Can I Improve Language Modeling in My Classroom? How do CLASS scores affect children? Gains in social, academic and language skills are seen with: Emotional Support scores of 5 or above
Classroom Organization scores of 5 or above
Instructional Support scores of 3 or above Over a third of Head Start grantees are currently below this threshold based on 2010-2011 monitoring results! Small differences in the quality of teachers’ instructional interactions with children (promoting concept development, providing good feedback, stimulating language and conversations) may be really important for helping children learn more. WCCA = 5.73
WCCA = 5.67

WCCA = 2.85
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