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History of Microbiology

No description

Mark Bremer

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of History of Microbiology

History of Microbiology
Spontaneous Generation Debate
Redi decomposition 1668
Golden Age
Pasteur sour wine problem 1857
Modern Age
Fleming antibiotic 1928
Early Observations
Chinese samllpox inoculation 1000
Robert Hooke cells 1665
van Leeuwenhoek microscope 1678
Needham broth 1748
Spallanzani sealed flask 1765
Lavoisier periodic table 1778
Jenner smallpox vaccine 1796
Semmelweis handwashing 1840
Virchow Biogenesis theory 1858
Pasteur swan neck flask 1861
developed aseptic technique
Lister antiseptic surgery 1867
Koch germ theory 1884
Gram stain 1884
Petri dish 1887
Stanley virus 1935
Watson & Crick double helix 1953
disproved spontaneous generation
Winogradsky column 1887
Sanger DNA sequencing 1977
Cohen & Boyer recombinant DNA 1973
Brock Taq polymerase 1969
Mullis PCR 1983
Biotech Revolution
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