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The role of energy in the body

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Matt Rutter

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of The role of energy in the body

Aim and Objective
The aim of this lesson is to consider the role of energy in the body

By the end of the lesson learners will be able to;

Explain the role of energy in the body
Identify the role of different body systems in relation to energy
The role of energy in the body
Energy can take many forms, the most common form is chemical energy. This type of energy is in the bonds that bind atoms and and molecules
Energy in the body
In groups think about what our bodies use energy for and record this
Energy in the body
Energy is used in the body for much more than movement and muscular activity. Energy is needed to circulate blood, it is necessary for respiration (taking in oxygen and removal of carbon-dioxide). It is necessary for making new cells to carry out growth and repair, it is used to transmit nerve impulses
Research Task; Energy
Using your mobile phones; research the following types of energy - record your answers on the sheets of paper provided

Anabolic energy
Catabolic energy
Entry task
Answer the following question;

Why do we need energy?
Where does energy come from?
Energy supply to cells
The energy supplied to cells involves 3 key system - thinking about what we have cover so far name these systems
Energy supply to cells
The systems involved in supplying energy to cells are
The digestive system is responsible for breaking down complex molecules by using enzymes into simple materials
The Cardiovascular system transport these materials via the bloodstream to the liver and other body cells.
At the same time the respiratory system constantly refreshes oxygen in the body and disposes of waste products such as carbon dioxide
Now think about
the role of each of
these systems
The foods that we eat are a source of energy. This is the energy stored in the chemical bonds of food molecules, primarily carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Research task
Now that we have identified the 3 key body systems involved with energy, using the text book chapter and the internet research into the following systems

Cardiovascular system
Digestive system and the role of enzymes
Respiratory system
Unit 6 Task 3
Small group presentation on;

The role of energy
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