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Why Mobile Marketing is growing faster than Social Media

Used at the UK Marketing Network "On the Edge" Conference

Rob Thomas

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Why Mobile Marketing is growing faster than Social Media

Why Mobile Marketing is growing faster than Social Media A 30 min overview! Why mobile is fast becoming vital for online marketing Mix of Smartphones Facts & Figures What's happening? How Consumers Use Smartphones Why might you use it? UK adoption rates Who's leveraging MM now? Where might you focus? Hands up if you have or use a... A quick Poll Is a Mobile friendly site necessary? http://www.howtogomo.com http://wsiuk.so/zbuJpY http://wsiuk.so/tmPJv7 Mobile Apps -v- Mobile Site What is So | Lo | Mo ? Is there demand? Massive Growth Predicted 5 Top Tips 1. Get a Mobile Friendly
Site or App Now!! 2. Watch what your
Competitors are doing? 3. Start using mobile
media yourself - daily! 4. Read everything you can
use 'Rivers of information' http://paper.li/WSIeMarketing/1305998530 5. Claim you Mobile Web
Presences Now! Here's a short video overview What is Google + Local? Here's a short video.... What are the 5 essential elements
of a Mobile Friendly Website?
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