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Border States Industries Fuels Rapid Growth with ERP

No description

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Border States Industries Fuels Rapid Growth with ERP

Border States Industries Fuels Rapid Growth with ERP
Q4: How much did the new system solution transform the business? Explain
Q6: If you had been in charge of SAP's ERP implementations, what would you have done differently?
Q3: List and describe the benefits from the SAP software
Q2: How easy was it to develop a solution using SAP ERP software? Explain
Q5: How successful was this solution for BSE? Identify and describe the metrics used to measure the success of the solution
Q1: What problems was Border States Industries encountering as it expanded? What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for these problems?
Prepare kits
Replace TOPCALL, order acknowledgements, and purchase orders and add capabilities.
Manage and maintain catalog data and prepare the data on one common platform.
Develop environment to enable wireless warehouse and inventory management activities.
Learn more about customers.

Able to make better and quicker decisions.
Provide better support to ultility customers.
Increase profit.

Interface automatically (Taxware Syst., TOPCALL,…)
Kits delivered directly to a site -> better support.
Faxing and emailing
Order acknowledgments, purchase orders, added capabilities
Run software within a day.

ERP could not support


Managers : working on the project => Operations day-to-day suffered.
“Expert users”: Trained to early in the projects >< the techlogoly took so far .

=> they had to be retrained when the new system finally went live



Customers: sought to transact business through an e-commerce storefront but the existing software did not support these changes.

The ERP is the key in business transformation initiative

Re-engineer end-to-end business processes, restructure organization, redefine roles and responsibilities, and implement integrated information systems software

The ERP included SAP’s module for sale and distribution, materials management, financials and controlling, and human resources.
The ERP can interface automatically with system from other vendor, including:

Tax ware system: comply with the sale tax requirement of all the states and municipalities

Innovis system: support electronic data interchange →exchange purchase and payment transaction with its suppliers.

TOPCALL system: fax customers and vendors directly from the SAP system

New support for bills of material and kitting => provide better support to utility customers

Faxing and emailing outbound invoices, other acknowledgement, purchase orders and added capabilities from Vistex Inc.
Transaction costs are lower
Much of the work that was automated by the ERP systems has been in the accounting department and involved activities
freed up resources for adding more employees, reduce cost and increase sales
The APS system makes all of BSE’s planning and budgeting data available online, management can make better and quicker decisions.
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