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“Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate?

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Candace Clinkscale

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of “Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate?

“Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate?”
As you're working in a room, trying to concentrate, and different noises are heard at different levels, would that affect how you concentrate? Background noise does not affect everyone in the same way. To some it's relaxing, and to others it's distracting. Any background interference can - advertisements, security warnings, things on your mind - it all adds up. And the higher the levels of each, the less of a proportion of your concentration, you have to attribute to whatever it is you're working on in the present. The book Power of Concentration by Theron Q., shows how people react over time and even how it could affect your health.
First I will tell my Independent,Dependent, and Control variables. For independent, we are changing the types of background noises we listen to while we're doing word search.
For dependent,the time it takes to complete the word search. And last control,The level of the word search throughout the experiment.

I give each participant a word search with pencil in one room. Each of them are seating at a table. I turn on the television and ask participants to do word search. I give fifteen minutes to complete word search. I give them a resting period and seat them back at the table. The television is turned off while I sit them down with a similar word search puzzle. They have fifteen minutes to complete word search. At the end, I see how many words could they find in so many minutes. My data is listed on next page.

Background noise effect the ability of one’s concentration and capability to effectively communicate without interruptions. One must be very observant when one is trying to convey information to a large amount of people. One must ensure that their surroundings are not distracted by certain elements in the environment. Background noise can affect how one concentrate on a certain task. Background or low-level noise in the home, work or school often disrupts people’s concentration.

● Word Search ( 2 similar word search activities)
● Paper
● Pencil
● Television
● Table
● Seats
● Timer


There were 20 words on the word search giving each person 15 minutes. The numbers below list how many words they found in 15 minutes.

Trial #1 Sarah Jean Stephen
Television On 10 13 8
Television Off 17 19 13

Trial #2 Tony Diamond Anthony
Television On 5 12 6
Television Off 7 16 9

Each person used same materials and my hypothesis end up being correct for both trials. In trial #1, Sarah started laughing at some of the audio from television. That caused her to not focus well. Stephen even paused to hear what was happening on the television. While Jean heard the background noise, but didn't pay it much mind. Trial #2 Tony and Diamond were easily distracted by television. When television was off, Diamond had found four more words than with television on.
The book Power of Concentration by Theron Q., shows how people react over time and even how it could affect your health. it won't' be safe to try concentrating with noises such as music, because it can higher your stress level and give you migraine headaches. Though some people choose to not block out noises or listen to music while doing something important because, it helps them concentrate and soothes them. It usually matters on the type of person and to how loud or quiet the background noise is. According to the data represented in the table, I've come to a conclusion that background noise levels can affect how well a person concentrates. Therefore my theories in my hypothesis were correct which states that, "I think background noise levels can affect a human being's concentration on any task given no matter if its easy or hard.
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