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business plan

No description

gunoor tripathi

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of business plan

Veggiekart.com Target Market Elevators Pitch Mission statement
We strive to provide our users with a superior quality service of fresh cut Vegetables and fruits through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, and partnerships and we prefer to buy from local, earth-friendly producers.

Vision Statement
To procure best products from the farms without compromising on the quality and the freshness of the products. Also, to deliver as per the expectations so as to attain highest level of customer satisfaction. Mission/Vision Working People:- No time in morning/evening to cut vegetables due to office.
Students:- Lazy to cut vegetable due to lot of wastage and mess.
Housewife:- Sometimes if a lot of people come over to house and ask me to cook food, it gives me a headache to cut so much vegetables.
Bachelors:- No time, feel lazy to buy and cut vegetables. Customer’s Pain Online ordering of vegetables
Telephone ordering
iOS/Android app
Quick payment processing
Cash on delivery
Fresh Sealed Vegetable
On time delivery
Specially cut vegetables* Solution To Customer’s Pain
Middle-class and the upper middle class
Working household.
Outstation students in various colleges locally.
Housewives, bachelors,
Old age people who are generally at home and cannot do much work.
Business customers

Mumbai being the city with a majority of working class population we have a huge demand, about 50 households surveyed by us around 60-70% said they would definitely like to avail such services whereas the other said they would give it a thought.

In the next few years we wish to expand in Mumbai providing our services to a wider area in the city and also to reach other cities. After Mumbai our next target city would be the upcoming tier 2 cities like Indore, Jaipur and Pune. TARGET MARKET TOTAL ADDRESSABLE MARKET Segmented Addressable Market is taken to be 2000 households in the vicinity

10% of SAM which we target to be our share of market. We also assume and target a 10% increase in the sales in the subsequent years.
50 % market capitalization in 5 years Currently, in Mumbai we do not have a direct competitor as per our survey.
Our competitors are
Local vegetable vendors
Vegetable retailers (supermarkets and hypermarkets) COMPETITORS First movers
New and unique
Online and telephone service
Saves time and energy
Home delivery
Various modes of payment
Best in quality
Competitive prices COMPETETIVE ADVANTAGE Product Convenience
Reduce the wastage
Procuring input directly from the farmers
Variety of fruits of vegetables cut as per the preference of the customers
Revise our prices in accordance to the market movement. Product Distribution channel Farmers Veggiekart Customers Customers Middle class and the upper middle class households
Elder people

For business customers:
Vicinity Customers Cutting down on intermediaries
100% more but less model Pricing Unique payment mechanism

We expect to be our revenue to be valued at Rs. 70,84,800 at the end of 1st year.  Revenue Model The Team Mr. Amrit Kapoor: - He has experience in the field of marketing. A set of fully developed marketing skills of him will help us to promote our business properly and effectively. He will also look after the advertising part of the company.

Ms. Shraddha Rajgarhia: - She has experience in the area of finance. Her main role is to manage the accounts of the company and keep records of daily transactions and to maintain proper books of account.

Mr Vinayak Sajdeh: He has experience in the field of sales and is very good with fixing the deals with our farmers. We will be mainly looking after attaining the sales forecast of tghe months and also will be hanling the fixing of prices of procurement of fruits and vegetable.

Mr. Abhishek Tripathi: - He has experience in management and administration, His main job is to look after day to day functions of each department of the company and maintain coordination as well as harmony among them. He will also help in formation of policies and decisions to be taken to reach specific goals or milestones.

Mr. Saif Meer: - He will be dealing with the operations and logistic department of the company, so as to ensure there is on-time and fresh delivery of vegetable and will also look after inventory management. SWOT Opportunities
1.The Demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is on a rise as the standard of living of the people is improving.
2.The size of the untapped market is huge and there is immense scope for growth.

1.Currently, this sector is much unorganized and food service industry is facing many challenges.
2. Similar upcoming businesses like veggie bazaar can pose as a potential threat in the future. Strengths
1.Variety of vegetables (Local and international)
2.Best quality and fresh vegetables.
3.Fast delivery service and on time delivery.
4.Experts to buy quality vegetables and to cut them properly according to various needs.
5.Online payment, Cash on delivery.
6. No Inventory. Helps save cost.
7. Custom Package

1.A bit high prices because of quality and cutting.
2.Being new we don’t have that much reputation but will build it in some time.
3.No credit policy. ONLINE Payment Gateways
OFFLINE Payment Gateways
Shipping Methods
Guest Checkout
Featured Features Of Website Financials Personal Financial Statement We are assuming our market where we will be located to be 2000 houses out of which initially 10% will be our customers.
With an average assumed consumption of 2kg/day. Here the contingencies are taken as 10% of the total cost of the project. Start-up Expenses and Capitalization Breakeven analysis Opening Day Balance Sheet Note:- The profits to the directors are given after deducting the withdrawal in the business. The profit is shared in an equal proportion. Projected Cash Flow Statement Thank You SWOT
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