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The Hermit Thrush sings

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of The Hermit Thrush sings

The Hermit Thrush Sings
By: Susan Butler
30 Vocabulary words
Main Character
Leora is the main chacter from the book because she is the heroine of the book and she saves the baby birmamba form the guards.
Peering: Seeing
Webbed: ineraction (frogs webbed hand )
Speck: small spot
startling: to disturb by surprise
Guardsman: a person thet acts like a guard
Cobblestone: to put together stone
Is the character of the book good or bad
Yes the character of the book is gooodf because she saved a babey animalm knowing that that breed of animal kiled her father and sisiter. And also she acts kind with her crule stepmother and when her stepsisiter Tantte was craying because a birmamba ate wilfred she helped tantte feel better even though Tantte was mean to her.
30 vocabulary words
Escort : to go along
Jaunty : walking happily and confident
clatter : to make a loud noise
Institute : an organization
Woven : interlace
Flicking : to shake of
Where does the story take place
The story manly takes place in a vilage that is sarounded by a huge cobblstone wall.
The problem was
The problem of the book was that a disaster came to the world, a huge asteroid crashed on earth and created plants and animals to mutate and turn into beasts.
What makes your book a Science Fiction

What makes this book a science fiction is that there was a natural disaster, animals and plants mutated, and there where talking of it in the future.
Were the characters of the book realistic
Yes the characters of the book were realistic because the author really described their feelings.
Would you want to meet a character from the book
yes because I thinl leora is very brave and I think it would deeffenetly be a great expirence.
Did you like the characters from the book
yes I liked all the charactyers from the book because they feet perfectly in the plot of the story.
5 Important things that happend in the story
The asteriod landed on earth
Norrie told the story of her gran gran granmother
Leora saved a babey birmamba from getting killed
Leora ventured out the gates

My opinion from the book is that it is a very interresting when I started reading the book I could not stop.
30 vocavulary words

spruce: a type of tree
knapsack : a small back pack.
reluctantly: not wanting to do something.
meager: very small in amount.
crumpled: full of irregular folds.
thud: a hard sound.
growl: a low, rough sound.
prickling: a stinging feeling as if made by a sharp point.
lieutenant: a naval officer of middle rank.
briskly: quick, energetic.
shriller: not pleasant to hear, loud and high.
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