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Copy of Investigatory Project

No description

mari kristen cabarron

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Investigatory Project

Investigatory Project
Mosquito repellents are essentially required especially nowadays. Mosquito repellents such as lotion, coils and sprays. The cheapest and affordable kind of mosquito repellent is the mosquito-repelling incense coil yet very effective way of avoiding the rapid growth of mosquitoes. Mosquito coils are mosquito-repelling incense, usually in a spiral shape, and typically made from dried paste of pyrethrum powder. The coil is usually held at the center part of the spiral, suspending it to the air. A typical mosquito usually measures around 15 centimeters in diameter and lasts for up to 8 hours.

Science and Technology 4 (PHYSICS)
AMISTOSO Natural Mosquito Killer:
Alternative for Commercial Mosquito Coil
Lai Romen Lim
Mary Joy Manla
Matthew James Tabaranza
Jolly Velle Pabinguit
Mrs. Julita Villegas
Background of the Study
Sun-dried Madre Cacao leaves
Extracted Madre Cacao leaves
Mosquito Coil (molder)

Grated Candle

The usual and common mosquito-repelling incense coil contains chemicals, such as Bis(Cloromethyl) Ether (BCME) and Formaldehyde, which are,according to a study, considered as lung cancer-causing chemicals andare threats to human health and to the environment. They usually contain an approximate content of up to one-percentBCME which led to a conclusion that the emission of Formaldehyde and BCME from one burning coil can be as high as that released from 51 burning cigarettes from a study conducted by researchers. We chose this project because a mosquito made up of naturalingredients such as Tawa-Tawa and Madre Cacao plantswill remove and prevent the threats of human health caused by commercial mosquito coils. Since the Tawa-Tawa and Madre de Cacao plants are very common andcan easily be found inour country. Tawa-Tawa plant extracts and Madre Cacao plant extracts have been proven that it had the ability to repel mosquito larvae according to further studies conducted by researchers as of last year during their investigatory project in chemistry. We chose to conduct a further study on Tawa-Tawa and Madre Cacao because it also contains substances that heals or used as a cure on dengue fever and malaria.

Nature and Importance of Study
This study is conducted to give full awareness of the harm and threats of the usual and common mosquito-repelling incense coil, which contains chemicals such as Bis Cloromethyl Ether (BCME) and Formaldehyde. In addition, making of natural and eco-friendly mosquito repellents will be able to minimize the number of cases of health threats caused by commercial mosquito repellents specifically lung cancer and Bronchital illnesses.
• To be able to determine the pesticidal effect of Tawa-Tawa plant extracts and Madre Cacao plant extracts on mosquitos.
• To be able to make a mosquito-repelling incense coil out of natural ingredients like Tawa-Tawa and Madre Cacao plant extract.
• To be able to make a substitute mosquito repellent that would not harm or threat human health.
• To be able to lessen the cases of asthmatic patients caused by chemicals contained in a commercial mosquito coil.
• To be able to produce an eco-friendly mosquito-repelling coil using natural ingredients.
• To be able to make use of natural resources found in our country to solve common problems caused by mosquitoes.

Scopes and Limitations
This study only focuses on the ability of Madre Cacao and Tawa-Tawa plant, ingredients for mosquito coil, on repelling mosquito and to determine how commercialize mosquito coils affect human health and environment due to its chemical content. This also focuses if the Madre Cacao and Tawa-Tawa mosquito coil is a good alternative for a commercial coil.
Definition of Terms
Repellent- a product containing chemicals that is usually applied on skin and sometimes emitted into the air.
BisChloromethyl Ether (BCME)-a dangerous chemical content usually called “lung cancer-causing chemical”.
Pyrethrum – a natural, powdered material from a kind of chrysanthemum plant; performance moderate.
Formaldehyde – a strong-smelling gas, used especially to preserve parts of animals or plants for biological study and causes Bronchital disease.

-Separate Madre Cacao leaves from its stem.
Divide the amount of Madre Cacao leaves collected;half to be extracted and the other half to be sun dried
-Prepare the starch, grated candle and alcohol
-In a mixing bowl, put the pulverized sun-dried leaves and the extracted one
-Then add alcohol, grated candle and starch.
-Mix thoroughly until you could hardly mix it.
-Mold the mixed product in a commercial mosquito coil.
-Put into an oven for 5-10 minutes.
-Test, examine and observe.
No. of Mosquitoes in a container
Duration of ANMC emission in a container
No. of Mosquitoes Killed
No. of Mosquitoes Remained Alive
5 min.
-Surface is rough
Esmeralda Lopez
-Maayong ipuli sa Baoma

Nardo Sacro
-Naka-apan kay mabuak dayun
Shiela Mae Lim
-Baho kay Herbal
Dante Tito
-It has a good smell
-Find a way to make it smooth
Marvie Salail
Margie Salail
-Good substitute
Janna Managbanag
Joan Carla Romen

Raymund Sacro
-Gantod gantod
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