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Pick Our Brains About SEM

No description

Nicole Levitan

on 21 July 2016

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Transcript of Pick Our Brains About SEM

What We Believe at LME
Have to work from a strength/interest model - focus on child's individual

Strengths and interests used in the classroom everyday - this is how we teach.

Teachers and staff get to know students' areas of interests.

Need to discover child's preferred learning style.

This is all crucial in encouraging critical independent thinking.
History of SEM at LME
School's first Confratute 15 years ago.

Enrichment Coordinator position created 10 years ago.

Baby steps...

New parts of SEM added every year.

It is a journey for us.
What SEM Looks Like at LME
IIM (Research)
Service Learning Projects
Outdoor Learning
PRIDE Portfolios (TTPs)
Primary Education Thinking Lessons
Teacher Collaboration
Professional Development
Interest Surveys
Total School Cluster Grouping
Enrichment Slot (E-slot)
Enrichment Clusters
Interest Survey

A Little About LME
Public school located in Austin,Texas
Round Rock Independent School District
Around 800 students in grades K-5
Around 80 staff members
Exemplary Rating on Texas State Assessments
Diverse student population
28 languages spoken
High performing students
Highly educated and involved parents
Pick Our Brains About SEM
Presented by:

Nicole Levitan (Enrichment Coor.)
& Marci Shrull (GT Specialist)

Laurel Mountain Elementary
Austin, Texas
Enrichment Cluster Descriptions
Let's Keep in Touch
Blog - http://sematlme.blogspot.com/

Twitter - @sematlme

School website -


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