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Heterosexual Privilege

Presentation for the NIU LGBT Resource Center about Heterosexual Privilege

Bryan Roush

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Heterosexual Privilege

Thank You

Definition: A Right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor (Merriam-Webster, 2011)
Similar to White Privilege
The unseen benefits
the LGBT Community
does not receive

What is privilege?
Examples of privilege
Top 3 privileges facing the LGBT community today
How we can eliminate privilege
What is the privilege?
A. Gay Men are not allowed to donate blood
B. Gay men are not allowed the same access to blood transfusions
C. Gay men donating blood must be subjected to a longer battery of tests than a heterosexual individual
The Federal Drug Administration who supervises the blood industry has had a ban on Gay men donating blood since 1983
This ban was due to stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS spreading through transfusion
A lifetime ban for any male that has engaged with sex with another male
Other countries have lifted bans including Britain and other European countries
Blood - Continued
Some argue that the technology exists to detect HIV in blood "within acceptable ranges"
While the body of evidence has continued to grow, the ban remains in palce
A. Nothing in federal law prohibits refusing to rent or sell to those who are LGBT
B.Federal law does not allow housing discrimination of LGB individuals but says nothing about transgender individuals
C.Federal law allows discrimination against LGBT individuals within apartment buildings but not houses mortgaged to banks
Insurance companies will cite that the tenants are “unrelated”
Some instances include landlords requiring more money or cash be required before a transgender individual live in an apartment complex
Levels of homeless are higher among LGBT individuals well as youth. 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT.
What's the law?
Marriage is legal between a same sex couple on the federal and state level
Marriage is legal between a same sex couple on the federal level and various state levels
Marriage is NOT legal at the federal level but legal at various state levels
Marriage between same-sex individuals
is permitted at the federal level and at
various state levels.

Marriage is the biggest of the heterosexual privileges because of the large amount of benefits LGBT couples under state law do not receive such as:

Income Taxes
Estate and Gift Taxes
Health Insurance
Inheritance Rights
Income Taxes
In some cases it is better for couples file joint taxes as they can combine their income and only pay tax on their combined earnings
LGBT couples cannot create "family partnerships" not allowing them to distribute their wealth among their family in tax form, resulting in a larger tax
Inheritance Rights & Adoption
As a result of LGBT couples not being identified as a family unit when partners pass a persons' belonging may not go to their partner
Additionally, they do not receive funds from the state government to cover funeral costs
Depending on states not all adoption clinics are required to serve LGBT couples
A. Gay men are not allowed to donate blood
Note: Transgender Individuals
A. Nothing in federal law prohibits refusing to rent or sell to those who are LGBT
Leveling the playing field
Right now
Advocates are attempting to change blood donation requirements
Housing and Urban Development Initiatives
Civil Unions and State Marriage advancing on Federal and State Level
What can we do?
Use your local sphere of influence
Call you legislators
Lead by example
Talk with friends
Your ideas
Mike Quigley (Lincoln Park)

Dick Durbin
Mark Kirk
Take 5 and think about what you can do right now
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