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Strategic Marketing: Clean Edge Razors

No description

grace bird

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Strategic Marketing: Clean Edge Razors


Consumer Segments

Brand Name Clean Edge by Paramount PRODUCT POSITITIONING Marketing Budget Allocation NICHE AND MAINSTREAM COMPARISONS Niche Involved Razor Users,
- Social/Emotional Shavers
- and Aesthetic Shavers
“Paramount Clean Edge” Marketing Plan TIMELINE Proforma Income Statements Clean Edge By Paramount Without considering cannibalisation, net profits are higher in the MAINSTREAM MARKET

Taking into account cannibalisation NICHE positioning would be more profitable with $39.9 million profit in 2 years

Compared to the mainstream market which only generates $28.6 million profit and a loss in Year 1 after cannibalisation of Pro/Avail For Niche and Mainstream CANNIBALISATION: PRINT AD YEAR 1 YEAR 2
JAN 2012 Grace Bird
Lauren Brumley
Nicola Shimmin
Pia Lukaitis JAN 2011 Target Market:

Males, between the age of 25-60 years old. They are professionals, who have a high disposable income and are social/emotional shavers. March
virgin airline: provided business and first class January
introduce clean edge into elite fitness clubs in cbd ALTERNATIVE SCENARIOS January
stock in existing marketing channels, supermarkets, chemists etc January
enter into department stores such as david jones and myer january
television advertising
beginning january for 3 weeks May/June/July: sponsorship fashion shows, mcc promotions/ giveaways January
Sponsorship of summer polo matches and events January
PR and PR oppurtunities in mens magazines, newspapers, proffessional publications (to continue over 2 years) January
television and magazine advertisements to continue for year 2 (less coverage) june/july
clean edge facebook page march
wordpress, pinterest, become available through online channels Budget CONCLUDING:
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