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This prezi is about the book Stargirl, this book is by: Jerry Spinelli

Sitara Shirol

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Stargirl

Main Characters
Plot Line
Conflicts and Resolutions
The theme I took away from Stargirl is... Dare to be different. I got this from Stargirl wearing long skirts and dresses, having a pet rat, playing ukelele, cheering for both sides at basketball games, singing birthday song for students she doesn't know well at school and not caring about what other people think or make of her.
Leo is a high school boy who lives in Mica, Arizona. He lives quite an ordinary life collecting porcupine neckties... until Stargirl arrives and mystifies him.
Stargirl comes to Mica Area Highschool wearing long pioneer skirts, strumming a ukulele, and carrying around a pet rat.
By: Suhana Shirol

-Another major conflict in Stargirl is when Stargirl is interviewed on Hotseat and all of the student juries were asking rude questions and were mean to her
-The solution is that the teacher sponsor did not approve of airing that episode on television.
- The first major conflict in Stargirl is Leo can't make up his mind whether he likes to be with her or minds other people shunning him when he hangs out with her.
I really enjoyed reading Stargirl. Her story was enchanting and mysterious. I would recommend this book to anyone above 6 years old because some sections of the book may be confusing for anyone younger. I rated it five stars because the story of Stargirl is humorous, when Stargirl is to be interviewed on Hot Seat , her pet rat starts running around and everyone is trying to catch the rat. This book is very touching because Stargirl cares about people whom she may not even know. I felt bad for Stargirl because even when she tried to fit in, other students still shunned her.
- The resolution to this conflict is Leo tries to change Stargirl to be like an average high school girl rather than being her nonchalant way.
- The last conflict is when Stargirl is not welcomed or congratulated when she wins the state oratorical contest and gets awarded the silver plate.
- The last resolution is when Stargirl goes to the Ocotillo ball and everybody except Hillari and Wayne Parr dances with her.
Character Growth
Stargirl changed throughout the book. In the start of the book she was bold, different and believed in what she thought. In chapter 26 she adapted to be like other girls in highschool by wearing make-up, hoop earrings, and chewing gum. She then changes back to being her original way.
Major Settings
-The first setting is in Mica Area High school where Stargirl and Leo go to school.
-The second setting is outdoors, in the desert which Stargirl calls her enchanted places and goes often to do "nothing".
- The last major setting is Archie's house and front porch where Mica students and Stargirl go often.
Archie is a retired paleontologist who teaches kids lessons in life. He tells his lessons in confusing yet logical ways. Archie also talks to a Saguaro cactus in Spanish and seems to get solutions to problems from the cactus.
Leo gets a porcupine necktie from an anonymous person for his fourteenth birthday.
Stargirl comes to Mica Area High school as a sophomore.
She dresses and acts differently, so kids are curious about her.
Soon kids like her ways and girls and boys start to act like Stargirl and suddenly she is popular.
During the basketball season Stargirl becomes a cheerleader and cheers for both teams, Mica High and the opponent.
After Stargirl comforts an opponent player and Mica High looses the basketball game, the students turn against her and shun her.
Leo thinks she is a nice person and hangs out with her but he feels the effect of the shunning too and is in double minds whether to continue going out with her or not. Leo consults Archie with this problem and gets the solution.
Leo tells Stargirl something needs to different in how she is, so she tries to change her ways to fit in and goes by her real name, Susan.
" Susan" wins the state level oratorical contest and she thinks Mica students would show up in big numbers to welcome her and be more accepting of her.
Very few people including her friend Dori and parents show up. "Susan" is disappointed and goes back to being Stargirl and gives up hope of trying to fit in.
Towards the end of school year, Stargirl goes to the Ocotillo ball dressed in a pretty yellow dress and she has a good time
Leo does not come to the ball but other boys and Mica students dance with Stargirl and hang out with her.
After the ball Stargirl goes missing from school and Leo finds her house is up for sale and to this day nobody at Mica has seen her again.
Dori is a freshman at Mica Area High and she likes Stargirl and her carefree ways, she accompanies Stargirl in school. Dori is at school to welcome and congratulate Stargirl on winning the state oratorical contest.
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