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Digital Communication

No description

Jessica Saunders

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Digital Communication

Digital Communication
Digital Communication Methods
Internet Service
A news group is a discussion thread which targets a specific topic, problem or issue. An advantage is that newsgroups can only invite people to the discussion, so there is no allowance for people to put incorrect or inappropriate content on the site. However, there is a disadvantage to this as people who want to participate may not be allowed as they havent been invited.
• comp. - computer-related discussions
• humanities. - literature, religion, history, etc. discussions
• misc. - any newsgroup that doesn't belong in another hierarchy The different types of newsgroup are below...
• news. - discussions regarding Usenet itself (creation/ removal of newsgroups, abuse issues, etc.)
• rec. - discussions regarding recreation of all types
• sci. - discussions of scientific topics
• soc. - current events & societal issues, as well as simple socializing ("chatting")
• talk. - discussions of sensitive topics; newsgroups here tend to include very lively debates, where soc.* is more casual
For example - http://www.usenet.net
Email began in 1970 and stands for electronic mail. It allows file attachments to be sent such as images and word documents. You can send emails to people all over the world, which shows one advantage already. Another advantage is that it is free to all users and provides different types of email services like hotmail and Gmail. These will be specified to certain people to suit there needs, for example the layout of hotmail is simpler and less complex than the layout of Gmail. A disadvantage is that on email sites you can receive junk mail and spam mail which can become tedius and block space on your account.
For example - www.gmail.com
Blog can be used as a diary or for any use, personal or for work purposes. It is a service where you can document something and add images, videos and other illustrative features to brighten up your page. There is also comment sections so that either people you know or in fact people all over the world can share ideas and thoughts on your work. This is an advantage as its worldwide and allows freedom of speech, which yet could be a disadvantage if people don't comment appropriately. However other advantages are that from creating a blog you will have your own URL and it is free from almost all services. The biggest example is from Google which provides a service called blogspot, allowing you to have as many blogs as you want on your account.
For example - www.blogger.com
Instant Messaging
instant messaging was first recognized on a wide scale in 1996 and has triumphed ever since. It is the allowance to communicate with people all over the world whenever you please at any time. For example Facebook and many other similar sites allow a chat service where you can talk to people on Facebook whenever and the message will be delivered to them with in seconds. However this may not be possible if you haven't got an account specifically on Facebook. This is a major disadvantage as not many people have accounts to sites like above where they can commune instantly. An advantage on the other hand is that it allows you to send information almost instantly to someone and they will be able to respond at the same rate. Another disadvantage is that for you to use internet messaging you have to be in range of a WIFI connection, so on the go if you don't have connections from your phone, it will be incompatible.
For example - this can be done on www.Faebook.com or www.Twitter.com
Internet Telephony
Internet telephony is hardware and software that enables people to use the internet as a transmission medium for telephone calls. For example web cams are a way of communicating through this, and uses VoIP to do so. (takes audio signals and turns them into data which is transferable on these phones) An advantage is that it is cheap and and enables you to use your own IP address. A disadvantage is that they are unreliable and suffers from the same problems as normal phones with drop calls and lack of signal
SMS stands for short messaging service and is in every mobile phone device. For example when you send an average text on a mobile phone, you will be using SMS. An advantage of this service is that it is cheaper than a phone call and your messages are saved, so if you need to go back and look at them, they will be in your inbox. However a disadvantage is that sometimes communication isn't clear and people can misinterpret what someone has sent to them. It also encourages colloquialism and slang to be used like YOLO and innit.
Voice and Video conferencing
This is the allowance to have a group discussion with other people over the internet. There are two examples of this which are Poly com and Skype. Polycom is very similar to internet telephony as there can be a multiple numbers on it at once. An advantage of this is that is cheaper so a lot of businesses use it. Skype allows you to talk to a number of people at once from all over the world. This sercice can be upgraded for £2.99 a month and you can also send multimedia to them too like images. An advantage is all the abilities it allows you to have that i have discussed above. However a disadvantage is that over time the £2.99 could build up for some people and become too expensive.
Multimedia message system is the standard way to send text messages with multimedia content such as images or videos. You can send these to and from phones and share multimedia content. An advantage of this is that you have the potential to send and receive content that you couldn't before. Another advantage is that you can send them from anywhere and you can be any distance away. However this then leads to a disadvantage that you have to be in signal range to send messages and if your in a bad reception area you will not be able to. Another disadvantage is that you have to have a up to date model as you will not be able to give or receive multimedia content on an old model of phone.
The internet connects to all different computers and allows you to search the world wide web. It is in more than 100 countries and allows so many different opportunities. For example, it allows you to online shop and to explore sites that could give you information or just for personal use like games. It withholds powerful search engines like Google and allows you to access many free sites like Gmail, where it is cost free to send and receive emails from people all around the world. However a disadvantage is that more crimes are occurring like fraud on online shopping site etc and cyber bullying on sites like Facebook. It also provides false information on some websites like Wikipedia where anyone is open to change it.
Community Conferencing
Community Conferencing Allows players to communicate worldwide and throughout different game servers. This can be done on Denta 21 where there can be hundreds of chat conversations at once. The conferencing will use voice as you can attach your microphone and speak, instead of talking. A disadvantage is that the system could be quite slow, and not connecting as quickly as hoped. This is because it is a world wide based system so a lot of people will be on it at once.
WWW short for world wide web is a large system that connects many devices together. It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Robert in 1989 and is a network of different connections from all around the world and efficient to make it work at a fast speed for all. It is sourced from many different location which is one of the advantages of WWW. A second advantage is that there is no slow reception so everyone can go on the internet at a fast speed. A disadvantage however is that sometimes the download speed of some networks is slower than others if everyone does it all at the same time.
Domain Name
The domain name is the middle part of the URL.It is the part that tells the audience what the site is called, simply shorter so its more memorable. All you have to do is create a website or blog, create what you want your specific domain name to be and then put it in the address bar and search. This is already an advantage as it has been modified to suit the audience as well as to fit on the link. There are four different sections to the domain name. The first is the www. which is world wide web as discussed above. The next is the domain name, in other words the text that describes the site, for example tesco. The next section is the extension which is the .com on the end of the URL. This differs depending on the country you are in, as .com is for America. Some countries require a sub domain extension like .co.uk which is based for the UK. These will be accessible by all but will simply show the country it is specified for. For example - http://www.names.co.uk/domain-names
Internet Service
This is a company that provide people with access to the internet for different prices and on different deals. It allows access to the world wide web and can block your access to certain websites at any given time. There are four different types of service providers. The first is Access providers which are used in many businesses and in many homes as they have full access to all places on the world wide web. The second is mail box providers as they only allow you to access emails and don't allow access to any other websites. This will be used in places like work where you may only need access to emails and no other sites. The third is Hosting IP's which are companies that use these service providers to host there company and advertise it. The last type is free ISP which is free connection to internet in certain places. For example many restaurants like weather spoons pay for internet to be used in the restaurant for the customers to use for free. For example - http://www.ispa.org.uk
Uniform Resource
Uniform Resource Locator stands for URL which is located at the top of the browser in the address bar. An advantage of these is that with certain browsers you can have your own and your own website. A disadvantage is that some are quite complicated so are hard to remember.
This is the method that the user will use to make the website available from the world wide web. It isn't free or in some cases can already be provided for by a company. This is simply sharing websites and designing them to be advertised on a service provider. One disadvantage is that there are less design options to choose from so you have a wide variety. Another disadvantage is that bottle necking may occur where more than one individual is on the same server which slows it down. Bottle necking is when there is congestion which hinders progress of production. On the other hand there is a virtual dedicated server which reduces the risk of bottle necking.
Adding content
Adding content means to upload data straight to the world wide web. Due to modern technology, instead of having a cable and device, you can do it straight from your phone to a website with no fuss. An example of this is sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These sites allow you to upload videos and images to share with your friends or followers. An advantage of this is that it is instant and simple to use. However depending on the size of the data, it could take considerably longer to upload. However a disadvantage is that you could upload images and not protect them so that people who you don't want to see them will be able to. This puts your identity at risk and could cause problems such as grooming or online bullying.
Tagging Content
Tagging content is where you can tag them in the photo so they will receive a notification showing that they are in the image. However there is a different definition for this depending on the site you are using. The definition i just described was for Facebook. In terms of twitter, you can 'retweet' content and tag someones name in it using the @ sign then there user name. An advantage of this is that you can see what photos your are in and not have to go through a large amount to find the ones you are in. (www.tiwtter.com) (www.Facebook.com)
Appropriate Content
Appropriate content is the text used which allows you to socialize online. This will be taken into very different contents depending on the websites. Text language is the most alternate content we use in texts and on social networking sites. This is where words are simply abbreviated to make them shorter and quicker. Examples of these are 'LOL' which means laugh out loud and 'WUU2' which means what you up to. You will commonly use this when you are using instant messaging or SMS.An advantage of using words like this is that in terms of writing them in an sms, it will reduce the amount of characters you use, ensuring use more than one text and saving your credit. However a disadvantage is that if you are so used to using it, there is a chance you could use it in an important situation like a job interview .
information sharing
Information sharing is exchanging data etc between 2 party's. You can do this to more than one receiver at a time. Examples of these are Blogs and Wikipedia as you can put information on here for people to read world wide. An advantage of this is that you can access this information at any time you want and wont be removed in a certain time limit. However a disadvantage of this is that you can receive information that could be unreliable and false. This can also be done on social networking sites where you share information about your day on facebook or another site. This is said to be a problem is how we over share our lives on these sites for likes or re tweets. This video shows exactly what i am refering to here and the problems.
Social Networking
Social Networking is an online community for people to come together and interact. It allows you to connect to people world wide and can be on a number of different devices like mobiles and tablets. An example of this is Facebook as you can instantly message people all over the world, play games with them and share photos etc. This is an advantage as you have a lot more flexibility with this technology and can talk to so many people everywhere at once. You can add people as friends on this site whether you know them or not. However a disadvantage is that with this, you are more prone to internet dangers like cyber bullying and grooming. This is because you can talk to anyone and be unsure of their true identity.
For example - www.Facebook.com
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is the highest best technology on websites. They are more interactive than before due to more development on certain features like the navigation bars on a site for example. An advantage is that it makes it easier to move around websites and allows more interaction. This means it is less static than before and allows more links and hyperlinks. A disadvantage is that it may not appeal to older people as it could be too complex for them to work.
Web 2.0 And Appropriate Language Conventions
Discussion Forums
A discussion forums is a tool which allows groups of people to communicate online. You do this by adding a comment or replying to one previously written on a page with contents on a certain matter. An example of this could be a blog or anything similar that is used on a website where you may need to talk to people and ask questions etc. An advantage of this is that participants do not need to be in the same location or time zone to talk to each other. It is also free and has ratings on which represent the accuracy of the information given. However, a disadvantage is that anyone can post any information on the forum which could be false. An example of this is the website for apple which you can go on to see for yourself the forums in which you can join in on about the products - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!overview or https://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa
Bulletin Board
A bulletin board is a place in which has public messages, advertisements and many other things in easy access.
An example of a bulletin board is the BBC news as they have an ongoing bulletin, which displays both the latest news and breaking news. An advantage of this is that you get all the up to date information at any time on the TV, on websites, emails and other popular devices. However a disadvantage is that you may not have access to the internet or a TV when you want to know the latest updates, which is inconvenient to many.

Purpose involves the importance to use the right kind of language and will reflect the professionalism of a company. This differs to the type of site you are on, as if you where on one relating to promoting your business, you would not expect colloquialism etc. It is important you register your audience and ensure your content is appropriate to it. A disadvantage is that if you are too used to using text language you may use it in situations it is unwelcome.
Communication Protocols
MMS stands for multimedia message service and allows you to spend multimedia content to people over mobile phones. It is a developed version of SMS as you can still send messages, just with things like images and videos included. An advantage is that you can share your images and contents with people and also receive content it too. However, there is a major disadvantage as if you don't have a modern up to date mobile you will not be able to give or receive multimedia content.
Voice over internet
VoIP is the communication between people, either phone to phone or computer to computer. It allows calls to be made over the internet. It requires a microphone and camera so that you can speak and see the person you are speaking too. An example of this is Skype where you can call people online from all over the world. This involves the following features...
* Caller ID
* Call waiting
* Call transfer
* Repeat dial
* Return call
* Three way calling
An advantage of this is that

All calls are free depending on if you go on a particular site requiring a small fee

W3C stands for worldwide web consortium and is the main international standard organization for the world wide web. Its aim is to help provide secutity on the web, as technology progresses they feel it is vital that it should be kept safer. They hold institutions in many different countries such as Japan, Brazil and the US. The key job of W3C is to verify accounts on sites such as you tube twitter and Facebook, as well as to provide websites with more reliable and truthful information.

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol which is the ability to access the internet wirelessly. If you broke this term up it would be easier to understand...
* wireless = with no wires used EG no computer
* application = program made for particular task EG the Facebook app used on phones and tablets etc are for Facebook alone
* protocol = technical walls on how info can be transmitted

The internet could only be used on computers before WAP came, which then allowed you to use the internet on a wireless on devices like phones and tablets. They will have to have 3G though to provide the internet source, without it you will not be able to connect. Whatever you could do on a computer can now be done on a smart phone. It uses a microbrowser which is simalar to the one seen on a computer, but cannot withheld as much memory. For example this is internet explorer and firefox which can be used to searc specific websites

3G stands for third Generation and uses the internet to read emails, visit websites, do video or voice calls and other impressive things. 3G uses towers to connect so if there are delays or issues it may be traveling or overlapping towers. It was developed over time from 1G, 2G and 2.5G. 1G was created in the early 1980s and used an analogue solar system for connecting etc. These phones where so big they had to be left elsewhere, as they where too large to fit in a pocket. The 2G was created in the early 1990's and is used today for texting. It is smaller than 1G so will be easier to fit in pockets and take around with you. It couldn't handle many consumers that wanted to use it so 2.5G was created making it larger and easier for all to use.
GSM stands for global system of mobile communications and is the worlds most widely used cell phone technology. It uses a cell phone service carrier which searches for cell phones powers in the area. TDMA wireless network technology is a version of this that was made in Europe and used all around the world. it requires a sim card to dientify the account and allow network uses to move from one GMS phone to another. It is a service that is mainly seen on 2G phones. TDMA wireless network technology allows 8 calls instantaneously from the service and was made available to everyone in 1997. It provides data networking, SMS, call waiting, call withholding and caller ID. The third type is CDMA which is used in the US, and is very similar to TDMA. Both of these are both competing wireless technologies.
GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It Allows 2G,3G and WC DMA mobile networks to transmit IP packets to external networks such as internet. This means you can connect to the internet without being linked to a wire connection or modem. This is suited for sending and receiving small bursts as well as large volumes of data. The advantage of this is that it allows people to communicate worldwide with this access to the internet. A disadvantage however is that it comes at a cost and you can easily loose connection.

Bluetooth is exchanging data wirelessly over short distances. This service available allows you to use it on different devices EG phones and high definition headsets. It was created in 1994 by telecom and was originally only built as a modem. Due to technology developing, it is now built into every laptop so there is no need to spend extra on buying a separate modem with it on. A disadvantage of blue tooth is that it limits your freedom as you have to stay in a specific area with the person your connecting too. In comparison to MMS, it is worse as it cant be done anywhere like MMS can. However, MMS requires a cost however blue tooth is free to use..
Broadband is defined as the connection to the internet which is easier and faster to use. It allows higher download speeds and is used on phones through a cabel or satalite. This is because it wouldn't be able to keep up with the PC's high demands and speeds. There are 3 types of broadband which are defined below...

* Wireless - requires satellite dish and antenna,accessible to remote areas and is easily effected by weather + expensive

* Cable modem - require interlinks in locations serviced by a cable broadband so its accessible on computer TV and internet

* Satellites - requires links to a fixed Ariel, accessible to almost every area and business which is used in a lot of companies

Examples of broadband are BT internet and Sky which both are successful and efficient sources. These are used in homes and businesses so that they can take advantage of the companies on a faster more efficient broadband.
This is a presentation on the various different methods in which you would use to communicate digitally, other wise known as digital communication systems.
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