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No description

Taylor Barsamian

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of BALMAIN in USA

The Company
Online Presence
Target Consumer
Independent women living in the United States
Ages 22-40
Upper class - Disposable income
Career oriented
Drives: BMW convertible
Wears: the latest in designer trends
Lives: in major US cities (LA, Miami, NYC)

US Market

-Pierre Balmain opened the French Fashion House in 1945
-In 1947 first perfume was launched
-50s and 60s in the US
-Menswear line launched in 2008
-Spring/Summer 2012, introduction of Pierre Balmain diffusion line.
-Hair care products introduced July 3, 2013.

Brand Positioning
"dressmaking is the architecture of movement."
-Pierre Balmain

Pierre Balmain (1945–1982)
Erik Mortensen (1982–1993)
Oscar de la Renta (1993–2002)
Christophe Decarnin (2002–2011)
Olivier Rousteing (2011–)
Social Media
Overall Social Re-branding
- Complete redesign of website and E-boutique
-Improved social media through specific agencies oriented market towards ages 20-40
-US advertising to increase awareness
- Potential store in NYC

Neiman Marcus
Saks Fifth Ave
Major US Department Stores:
-Event postings/Recaps
-More personal photos
According to the World Wealth Report 2013 there are a total of 12 million millionaires around the globe, with the US topping the list of countries home to the super-rich.

In the US the number of millionaires shifted grew by 11.5 percent in 2012 to 3.73 million, who's combined wealth is estimated at $12.7 trillion.

According to the IRS, 20% of all millionaires in the US are between 26-45
-Website restructure
-Hire Social media and PR agents (In house or agency)
-Optimal utilization social media and influence bloggers
-Google adwords and website advertising
-Strong representation of brand through design
-High recognition
-Fitting consistency design
-International brand
- Creation of Pierre Balmain
-Needs Online revitalization (website)
-Social Media

-Very trend forward
- Olivier Rousteing
-Haircare products
-US millionaires
-Financial crisis
-Maintain exclusivity
-Copy (Alice+Olive)

Brand DNA

Product - High end clothing

Pricing - High range
($ 500-$ 15,000)

Placement - Paris, China and

Balmain is a
chic, defined, sophisticated,
brand. It is less rock and roll and more
sexy couture
. A heavy influence is placed on the
shape and tailoring
of each garment, making them all "art". The use of various
gives life to the brand and allows Balmain to
stand out
, not only the runways, but amongst the women who wear the brand as well.
Persona & Public Figures - high profile designers & celebrities

Public Relations - Campaigns, Online & Social Media

"Success, Luxury, Style"
Increase US sales
by 20% for ages 20-40

-Sophia Loren
-Brigitte Bardot
-Marlene Dietrich
-Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand
-Kate Moss

Ashley Conde, Taylor Barsamian, Jessica Carvalho
Current website
Our proposed website
Example of an interactive website
Prominent E-boutique
Current campaign featured
Classic Balmain print
Social media and Balmain mobile Application
Interactive flash and current news, social media and collections
Diffusion brand mentioned
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