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Cardcaptor Sakura (:

I have long been a MAGER Fruits Basket fan (and I still am one), but now I'm also a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura. After reading the 9 book length manga I couldn't help but watch the anime! It was so GOOD/LONG (70 episodes and 2 movies)!

Belen (:

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Cardcaptor Sakura (:

Cardcaptor Sakura MASTER OF THE CLOW Well, before I start I want to explain something:
I already had a prezi account, and I already had
made a "Cardcaptor Sakura" prezi. The problem
was that I had changed my prezi account from my dad's Email to my school Email (given to us students for educational reasons). Apparently prezi won't take a school's Email so I guess I'm stuck. I vow not to do THAT again. In my last Cardcaptor Sakura prezi
I started with "Sakura, Syaoran" momments
so . . . yeah i'll start with that. Sakura & Syaoran
Moments Jealous Syaoran
Moments Now for some JEALOUS
Syaoran moments! Card Captor Sakura- Was how it was spelled in the cover of the original manga. The Card Captor Sakura manga was written by CLAMP. CLAMP consist of four artistically gifted women. They wrote the 9 book length shojo manga they've titled Card Captor Sakura, Master of the Clow. Here are the copies in order: (sort of) Sorry, I wasn't able to get
them all in . . . Okay, so CLAMP has added "Tomoyo's
Special videos" (or something like that)
into Cardcaptor Sakura. No one wanted
the Cardcaptor Sakura series to end, and don't get me wrong, it ended FANTASTICALLY. It's mildly entertain-
ing humor and effects will make you wanna watch more of the show! I love this anime,
and maybe you will learn to like it too! :) Tomoyo's Videos numbers 1 through 3! 1 2 3 I will include the first three videos: To show how sorry I am, I'm going
to give you the link to a website in
which you can read the full manga! http://www.mangareader.net/185/card-captor-sakura.html Sorry, the original
version was not found 1 2 3 Here are the openings
in order also. Bluray- in case you want it Bluray- in case you want it Bluray- well duh you'll want it Here is a remix con-
taining parts of all 3
openings. BTW this song is not a theme of cardcaptor sakura, although it does seem to fit nicely! The name of this song is "Gee" Here is a video containing
just about every magical . . .
thing Sakura uses in the anime,
Cardcaptor Sakura. Clips from CCP that
I liked (and you may
like as well) 0.o sorry it's in spanish!
Just because I can
understand it does not
mean you can -_-
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