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The Illuminati

No description

JadeLynn Townsend

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Illuminati

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Secret Society: A group of people that do things together or separate and is not supposed to tell anyone
The illuminati: secret society that wants to take over the world; "New World Oerder"
Adam Weishaupt: founder of the illuminati in Bavaria of 1776
-born in Ingolstadt ro jewish parents in1748
-became a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt
-Started the order of perfectilibist which became as "New World Order" or Illuminati
-died in1811
Joining the Illuminati
-Selling soul to the devil
-start your own little group
(may take centuries and people have to be patient if they want to join)
-Study the PCT(Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists) and learn as much as you can
-get a degree from Harvard and while there join SKull and Bones or Pen and Quill
Good things about the Illuminati
-doesn't like war, loves peace
-better in society
-become healthy and wealthy
-brings society together because they don't
judge people by their color or race
The Bad Things
-Murder is a weapon mostly used (JFK, Jospeh Stalin, WWII)
-Many agents are always watching you
-Random atrocities to confuse, frighten, paranoid people
-allows demons to control and kill anyone
Taking Over The World
-holds back the space system
-Wants the world religion to be called Illuminism
-taking over the media
Famous people in the Illuminati:
-Alecia Keys
-Angelina Jolie
-Bob Dylan
-Bob Marley
-Brittany Spears
-Celine Dion
-Chris Brown
-David Bowie
-Dr. Dre
-George Washington
-George Bush (Sr. & Jr.)
-Jay Z
-Jennifer Hudson
-Jim Carey
- Justin Bieber
-Kanye West
-Katy Perry
-Kobe Bryant
-Lade Gaga
-Labron James
-Lil Wayne
-Marilyn Manson
-Michael Jackson
-Miley Cyrus
-Nicki Minaj
-Notorious BIG
-P- Diddy (Puff Daddy)
-Queen Elizabeth and family
-The Pope
-Tupac Shakur
-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-Warren Buffet
-Whitney Houstin
-Willow Smith
-Whiz Khalifa
-Tom Cruise
-dollar bill

-hand triangle

-666 finger sign

-devil horns

-goat head

Dollar Bill
-pyramid with the eyes is a sign of satan
-MDCCLZZVI means 1776 which is the year the Illuminati was born
-Novus Ordo Seclorum- means a new order of ages
-Henry A. Wallace who made the dollar bill put the "Great Seal" on there because whe the Illuminati takes over he planned the main people can drive by houses and a machine would scan how much money they had

More facts about the Illuminati
-The devil is a fallen angel of God so he hires people to join his side so he can try to be higher than God.
-Nazis were people used for the Illuminati
-Around 6000 people in the world are in it
-12 main global people
-Santanic worshipers
-No one knows exactly how it started
-One theory is it originated from the Garden of Eaden because Adam was the first man to wear an apron and most masonics wear aprons
-Oldest document is the Regius Poem which was created in 1390
What to know about freemasonry:
-Have their own book in a different language/text only they can read
-People usually become a freemason if someone in their family was
-Most of our founding fathers are said to be freemasons
-Have secret meetings
-more people are freemasons and part of a secret scoety than you think
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