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Winterschool UCF (English version)

No description

Ate Dijkstra

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Winterschool UCF (English version)

Happy Ageing
Ate Dijkstra PhD MEd RN
Homo Ludens: the playing man
Homo Ludens: the playing man
Never too old to play
Why games?

Games excite and motivate users so that they show desired behavior with more fun
Example: what would you choose stairs or escalator?
Game elements are used to learn something to someone in a fun and/or safe way
For example, a game can make the moving of people more attractive and thus make easier.
'by-catch': improving of functioning
It is not Healthy Ageing;
It is not to Active Ageing;
But ….
It's all Happy Ageing:
1. Have fun, feel happy
2. Doing things together
3. ‘By-Catch’: improving of functioning

Thank you for your attention
Having fun and
playing together
in other words
have fun, feel happy
Central to this afternoon:
How GAMING can contriubute to HAPPINESS
is about:
to happiness
How can healthcare professionals seduce people to happiness and/or healthy and active behavior and lifestyle: what technological means should be usable in practice, regarding future care, education and profession?
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