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Double Identity Timeline

A timeline of events in the order they occured in the book Double Identity By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Emma Brown

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Double Identity Timeline

Double Identity
A Project By: Emma Brown
Timeline of Events in the order they occurred
Hillary and Walter Krull have a daughter named Elizabeth.
At a young age, Elizabeth almost drowns in a pool and begins to hate water.
Elizabeth and her Bestfriend-Cousin Joss are excellent gymnasts.
Elizabeth has her 13th birthday party at Sinclair Mountain Amusement Park.
On the way home Hillary crashes into a large truck killing her daughter, Elizabeth, and her uncle.
Before Elizabeth dies, Walter salvages some of her DNA.
Walter goes into the medical field learning about cloning.
A man named Dalton Van Dyne advertises he'd like to have a clone of himself.
I would like to have a clone of myself.
Walter volunteers to make Dalton a clone.
I could make you a clone
Dalton gives walter access to his lab.
Walter plans to use the lab to make two clones, one of his daughter and one of Dalton.
Dalton goes to prison for an accounting issue.
Walter saves Dalton's money for him until he gets out of prison and decides to only make the clone of his daughter.
Walter plants Elizabeth's DNA in 4 different surrogate mothers (her original mother being one of them) scattered across the country. Each of the babies was born at the same time with a different last name. Only the baby born to Hillary, the original mother, survived. Hillary and Walter named this baby Bethany because of its meaning from the Bible.
Walter and Hillary attempt to disappear by changing their last name many times and moving frequently so as not to be tracked by Dalton.
They attempt to raise Bethany to be an exact copy of Elizabeth by feeding her the same foods, giving her the same toys, and causing her to have some of the same experiences.
Instead of almost drowning like Elizabeth, Bethany took a huge gulp of air before going under water. this caused her to love the water rather than hate it.
As Bethany approaches her 13th birthday her mother Hillary becomes a permanent fountain of tears. The stress of having cloned her daughter is making her mentally unstable. Bethany has no knowledge as to why her parents are acting so strange, and no knowledge of her sister Elizabeth.
Hillary and Walter discover Dalton van Dyne has been released from prison and realize they need to hide Bethany from him. They mail his money to him and take off across the country.
Without warning to Bethany they leave her with an aunt of hers named Myrlie, whom she's never met in her life, far away from home. Bethany has no idea where she is or what her fathers mysterious words, "She doesn't know anything about Elizabeth." mean.
When Bethany comes inside, she is told she cannot use the phone. When she insists, Myrlie lets her use it to call her father. After many calls to her phone, her mother's phone, and her father's phone, with only an automated voice telling her the lines have been disconnected, Bethany calls the nationwide directory and looks up all three of their names. She is told they don't exist.
The next morning, Bethany learns from looking at the trees that she is further south than Pennsylvania. Later by reading a newspaper, she learns she is in Sanderfield, Illinois.
Bethany learns that Myrlie is her mother's sister.
Bethany asks to go swimming and Myrlie is surprised by this because Elizabeth HATED swimming (though she doesn't tell Bethany this). At The Y, a Woman who went to school with Elizabeth is caught off guard by Bethany and Bethany is even more confused than before.
On the car ride home Bethany learns Myrlie has a daughter named Joss. she also learns of a memorial in town to "someone who died a long time ago."
Bethany picks up the phone and says, "Hello? Daddy?" and the person on the other line hangs up. She believes it was her father who was just not expecting her to answer, but it was really Dalton and she has confirmed his suspicions of where she is.
Myrlie doesn't want Bethany to go to the store with her for fear someone else will recognize her, so she makes a list of what Bethany wants instead. Myrlie is able to guess all of Bethany's favorite foods because they are the same as Elizabeth's.
Bethany works out in her head that Elizabeth must be dead and she could be that "someone who died a long time ago". She leaves the house to look at the memorial and discovers that it was for her uncle, Mayor Thomas Wilker, who was married to Myrlie.
The Phone rings in the middle of the night and it is Bethany's mother. She is going a bit insane. She thinks Bethany is Elizabeth and says that she's just had a horrible nightmare about Elizabeth's 13th birthday at the amusement park and that she can't go. Then her father gives Myrlie permission to finally tell Bethany the truth about Elizabeth. (But Myrlie doesn't know the whole story.) Bethany learns that Elizabeth was her sister who died before she was born. Elizabeth was best friends with her cousin Joss and when they were six they began to love the olympics and wanted to be gymnasts. Elizabeth died on her 13th birthday in a car accident on the way home from Sinclair Mountain Amusement Park. Bethany realizes that her mother has always cried unexpectedly, just not as frequently as recently, and she had many excuses. She also realizes her father was very protective of her as a child and that this must have been because they lost Elizabeth their first daughter. This leads her to realizing that the reason that Myrlie could guess all of her favorite foods was because they were the same as Elizabeth's.
Bethany watches the news about Dalton van Dyne. This leads to a conversation with Myrlie that shocks Bethany. She learns that her father used to be a doctor and that Elizabeth's organs had been donated. It leaves Bethany even more spooked when she learns that Elizabeth had a growth spurt identical to her's.
Once again, Bethany answers the phone expecting her father. before she even says hello, she says, "Daddy, why didn't you call yesterday?". The person immediately hangs up. Bethany is embarrassed at first because it occurs to her that other people might need to reach Myrlie besides her father. However, she also finds it strange that this person didn't say anything. Soon after, Bethany's father really does call. He says that the reason he didn't call yesterday is that there were "complications". He immediately asks to speak to Myrlie. He becomes angry when Bethany says Myrlie is at church and she is home alone. He tells her to tell Myrlie that they need to discuss arrangements for her school and that Bethany should not be left home alone. Bethany chooses not to tell Myrlie those things. She does however follow her father's request
to tell Myrlie he would call later.
Joss comes to visit. Bethany likes her immediately. One of their conversations leads to Bethany's remembering a time when she had done a gymnastics unit in school. Her teacher had told her that she had a lot of natural ability and Bethany had wanted to take gymnastics classes but her parents said no. She realizes that this must have been because of Elizabeth and is shocked when she sees how much natural ability sounds like the term used to describe Elizabeth's gymnastics, a "natural".
Bethany learns
several new things about herself
and Elizabeth during Joss's visit. Joss
lets it slip that Elizabeth's last name was
Krull. Bethany can hardly believe this because
her last name is Cole. At first Bethany refuses to
believe her name has been changed until she
remembers a time when she was very young and remembers hearing her father say a different last name. Bethany now has another puzzle. Why has her last name been changed? Joss also leads the conversation to a gymnastics profile she and Elizabeth made when they were young. While watching this Bethany sees that she and Elizabeth really do look like twins! She's even more defeated when she hears that Elizabeth shares her passion for set designing and big words. To top it
off, while they are playing a game of cards, Joss
calls Bethany "Elizabeth", by mistake.
A package arrives from Bethany's father. It contains her four birth certificates, and papers signed by her father, with every last name he's ever used, that give Myrlie permission to get medical treatment for Bethany. (He wrote that Myrlie should keep them safe and only use them if she needs to.) It also includes $10,000 dollars in the bottom of the bag, wrapped in a paper that reads "in case Bethany needs anything". The crispness of the bills worries Bethany because she wonders if her father had to commit a crime for the money. Joss begins to suspect that Walter is a criminal, but Myrlie turns down the thought. Joss (falsely) insists that three of the birth certificates have to be forgeries, so Walter has committed a crime. No one is sure of what should be done.
Bethany's mother calls asking for Elizabeth again. Bethany answers and tries to keep her from hanging up while Myrlie and Joss try to find a way to trace the call. Hillary reveals that they planned to clone Elizabeth and Bethany is her clone. This causes Bethany to faint. When she wakes up she begins running down the street in the dark. She gets lost and thinks she hears footsteps following her so she sprints away. she falls and scrapes her leg just as Joss is catching up to her. Joss says Bethany must have just heard her jogging after her, but Bethany keeps thinking that the footsteps she heard were to big and heavy to have come from Joss. When in the comfort of Joss's arms Bethany begins thinking more clearly. She realizes that her parents tried to make her just like Elizabeth, by giving her the same toys and clothes, and even some of her experiences. If there is one thing she is glad about right now is they allowed her to be different then Elizabeth by liking swimming. Then a dark car rolls up and a man offers them a ride home. The man scares them both because he knows their names. Luckily, saving Joss from the decision of possibly getting in a car with the mysterious man, her old friend Bridgie pulls up in his police car, scaring the man away. Bridgie takes them home and does not investigate the black car.
Bethany and Joss return home and inform Myrlie of their encounter. They ask about tracing the call. Myrlie has learned that this is impossible without involving the police. Joss decides to stay in Sanderfield until the issue is resolved.
Bethany awakes in the night to the throbbing of her leg injury and thinks she hears talking down stairs. she goes and finds it's just Joss watching videos of herself and Elizabeth. Bethany joins her and they watch until they come to one of the day at Sinclair Mountain. Joss can't watch any longer so they sit and talk instead. Bethany decides she wants to see the package from her father again. When she looks at the paper the money was wrapped in she realizes there is a whole letter on the back where Walter explains some things. He says he is being chased by someone who he lied to to get Bethany, and that to protect her he can't come back. He explains why she is named Bethany. He also she says that the money is all legal and was from Elizabeth's college fund, and it is now for Bethany.
Bethany and Joss do research on Walter and Hillary, online. They find the name Walter Krull related to a Canadian office run by the money Embezzler Dalton van Dyne. The article states that Walter Krull never existed. Bethany is left even more confused.
Bethany and Joss decide to rake the yard and Joss tells Bethany about the family tradition of planting a tree for each new baby born. When Myrlie gets home from work she is panicked. she shows the girls a message in the news paper that says: Walter Cole, we need to talk. Myrlie calls the newspaper company to find out who left the message, but they are not allowed to give out this information.
forgotten it
was Halloween,
and when she
remembers, everyone
dresses up to hand out
candy. The man who startled Bethany
and Joss in the town square comes and asks for Bethany's father.
Some how he recognizes Bethany through her disguise. When Joss asks his
name he just says, "Walter will know who I am."As he is walking away Bethany calls after him, asking if his name is Dalton. This seems
to startle the man but he just continues to Walk away.
Joss decides to call "Bridgie". When they inform him of
their situation they keep it vague. Without all the
details, their case isn't a strong one.
Bridgie says nothing he did to them is
against the law and they have no proof
that he was really Dalton.He finally agrees
to check up on the news paper message and
the whereabouts of van Dyne.
Bethany awakes from a nightmare and decides to do some more research on Dalton and cloning. she is surprised she can't find a recent picture of him, but she finds a quote of his saying that he is okay with cloning, and it scares her. so, she wakes up Joss and Myrlie for comfort and to show them the pictures of the young van Dyne. Joss assures Bethany that, in the quote, Dalton was only talking of cloning himself, but Bethany isn't so sure.
Bridgie arrives later that morning to inform them that Bethany's suspicion was correct. Dalton van Dyne is in town, though, they still don't know why he is looking for Walter. Bethany comes up with a theory that Dalton van Dyne paid Walter to make her, because all he wanted was to brag that he got the first clone made. Then he stole other money and got sent to jail but he didn't say anything about her dad so Walter wouldn't get credit. Her parents kept changing their names so he could never find him. Because Bethany kept calling her parents so much right when she got to Myrlie's house, Dalton was able to track them.
It occurs to Bethany that Dalton could prove she is a clone by going to the graveyard and getting some of Elizabeth's remains. Myrlie calls Bridgie to inform him of Bethany's hunch about the cemetery, and together they become suspicious of the phone calls, answered by Bethany, where the person on the other end just hung up. The FBI decides to come investigate Dalton van Dyne and protect Myrlie, Bethany, and Joss.
Hillary calls again, trying to tell Bethany good bye. She believes Bethany will die on her thirteenth birthday, like Elizabeth did. Bethany begs her parents to come save her.
Joss decides to take Bethany to the festival in town where she sees her parents and learns that Dalton has followed them there. She comes up with a new theory that she was just a decoy all along and Dalton just scared her to get to her parents. Dalton van Dyne yells at her parents "where is he?" Her father says that he sent the money back so he doesn't owe Dalton anything. Dalton says he doesn't care about the money, he only wants his son, his younger self. Bethany realizes that Dalton payed her Father to clone him and Dalton was trying to find his clone. She announces, "Your clone doesn't exist, they made me instead." This made Dalton burst into tears.
Finally, Bethany gets the whole story, on her thirteenth Birthday, which she is still alive for. Her parents explain everything as they fight to keep Bethany away from the prying eyes and microphones of the reporters and newscasters, battling for more information on the radical statement Bethany made at the fair yesterday.
In the beginning of her life Bethany had no idea she was anything but normal. Beside the fact she never got to stay over for sleepovers at her friends, or really do anything without her parents' supervision, that is. As she gets older, this mirage of normal is fading and fading. Soon she is not even sure of her own identity. At the end of the book Bethany is finally confident of who she is, what she is, and how she was made, but she learned it doesn't matter, because our choices define who we are, not our genetics. Well, maybe just a little bit of genetics.
Double Identity
By: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Emma Brown
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