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No description

Maria Ruokonen

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of PROAKATEMIA

What do you want to do?
"If you want to go fast go alone.
Maria Ruokonen, Less Miserables
+358 50 574 5975, maria@lessmiserables.com
If you want to go far
go together."
Starting a team company with 12 strangers
Doing real projects with real customers with real money through team company. Started with small projects and gained bigger ones through learning.
To succeed as a team, we needed a motivative and inspiring common goal. We wanted to travel somewhere but couldn’t agree where. Then we thought, why wouldn’t we go to many places? We ended up doing a trip around the world that included a project in East Timor. The 6-week-long trip was made in the last part of our studies.
We worked with the launch of the first public library in East Timor. We used the skills we developed in our studies to benefit the library in the future. This was the first trip of its kind in Proacademy. We achieved a goal we set in the very beginning, which was to do something that we would be remembered as a team for a long time.
This is the evolution of our team company, Extempo. The graph shows well the team development in team spirit and finance. Crucial to our team’s success was the common goal to travel around the world with our team and finance the trip through projects.
Here are Proakatemia's some of the most important learning tools
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