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Center for Student Engagement

No description

Amanda Carlton

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Center for Student Engagement

Payment Requests
Journal Vouchers & Special Forms
ProCards & Declining Balance Cards
Center for Student Engagement
Student Organization Training

A Re-Introduction
We are now the...
Center for Student Engagement!

Contracting with Vendors
Organization Travel
Be Inspired. Get Involved. Stay Engaged.
316 Leavey Center

- Keep up-to-date with events & operations
- Make use of your Advisor’s Office Hours
- Respond promptly to Advisor's email or phone messages

Communicate with your Advisor
Be timely!
Follow directions and fully complete forms
Provide original, itemized receipts
Utilize the appropriate type of payment
Check your Cost Center Report
Pick-up checks within 3 weeks
Do not sign contracts

Financial Expectations
Provide comprehensive training and reference materials
Continual review of processes and procedures
Be timely in our processing of financial forms and contracts
Respond to messages in a timely and clear manner
Clearly communicate with student leaders
Serve as a facilitator of University processes and procedures
Advocate to external departments for streamlined processes

Expectations of CSE & Advisors

By the numbers...
Cost Center accounts
All money in and out of your organization must go through your cost center
Typically - GX6_ _ _ _ _ _
Account Codes
5 digit number to categorize transaction
55142 - Student Activities Income
71508 - Student Activity Supplies
74826 - Student Social Functions
A Note on Budgeting
The goal is to match projections to spending as accurately as possible
Aim for ZERO balance
Excess funding rolls back to your Advisory Board unless it is deemed 'true profit'
Deficits in spending may impact future funding
Revenue from Sales
Collecting money at an event
Reserve a cash box from CSE
Notify DPS
Document the number and type(s) of sales for your records
If late in the evening, use a DPS escort to deposit funds in the after-hours drop-box (under Village C)
Bring an envelope!
Present information about your
co-sponsors and donations during
the event approval process
Consider the policies and concerns
of the co-sponsoring entity
Create a formal agreement
Plan ahead: Talk to your advisor
Making Deposits
Complete a University Deposit Form
Page 52
Write your cost center on the front of all checks
Retain the pink and golden copies of the Deposit Form
Place the Deposit Form, cash and/or checks into an envelope and deliver to:
CSE Office
University Bursar (Car Barn)
DPS After-Hours Drop (Under Village C)
Deliver the pink copy of the form to CSE
Income normally posts the next business day
Fundraising Guidelines
Income from sales must exceed
the total expenses from the event

No University funding may be donated
to an external organization

Internal fundraising efforts should have
direct goals for the organization
Paying Georgetown Employees
Will receive payments through their regular payroll check
Must provide their GUID number and
GMS Position ID
To locate the GMS Position ID:
Go to
Click your name at the top right
Locate the item next to Position in the Job Details section
Only provide the P######
If you have multiple positions, provide only the first Position ID
Non-Georgetown Employees
All individuals not employed by Georgetown must have a Vendor ID number to receive payments
1. Search for a Vendor ID
They never expire

2. Request a Vendor ID
If an individual, use the person's full legal name
If a business, their legal name
Address must match IRS tax filing
Immediately following submission, take note of assigned Vendor ID number
Tax Exempt Purchasing
Benefit afforded to groups - expected that you utilize for every purchase
Tax-exempt forms for DC, MD, and VA are provided in the Rendering
GU also has tax-exempt status in 10 other states
If the cashier is uncertain, ask to speak to a manager
Show your GU ID to the cashier along with appropriate tax-exempt forms
If purchasing online, contact the company directly to remove the tax
Replaces the Reimbursement Request Form
& Check Request Form
Use when:
Paying invoices, honorarias, or completed contracts
Requesting a reimbursement
Requesting payment of a gift or donation

Access and submit online on the
CSE HoyaLink Forms page
Reserve through your Advisor at least 3 business days in advance
Use for major approved purchases that can be paid from the CSE office, like
Hotel reservations
Online orders
Payment by phone
Payment for approved contracts
Original, itemized receipts are needed immediately after purchase is made
Declining Balance Cards
Available on a first-come, first-serve basis
Monday - Friday, 12:30-1:30p and 4-5p
Must be returned the following business day
between 12:30-1:30p or 4-5pm

Use for most day-to-day purchases, like:
Meals at restaurants
Cabs/Metro FAre

Cannot be used for online purchases

Journal Vouchers
Initiate internal transfers between departments or organizations

Requires knowing the cost center number for the crediting and debiting organizations

Available on the CSE HoyaLink Documents page
Remember to check if contributions have been transferred
Interdepartmental Invoice
Complete the Sample Form on Page 54
For use in Leavey Center businesses:
Corp Services

Available in CSE

Complete the II and obtain your advisor's signature
Submit the form for payment
After purchase, attach the original receipt to the pink copy and submit to CSE
Complete the Sample Form on Page 64
Domino's Pizza Form
For use for all Domino's Pizza purchases from
the Prospect Street location

Available in CSE

Complete the form and obtain your advisor's signature
Provide to Domino's Pizza staff as payment
Retain receipts for your records
Fed Ex Office Form
For use for all services at the M Street location

Available in CSE

Complete the form and obtain your advisor's signature
Provide to Fed Ex Office staff as payment
Retain receipts for your records
Declining Balance Card Authorized User Training
Requirements for Use
Access to Benefits
Good standing
Proper expense processes
Responsibility for 2 authorized users

Trained Authorized User
Willing to accept responsibility
Good judicial standing
Using the DBC
Available to checkout on a first-come, first-serve basis
Monday - Friday, 12:30-1:30p & 4-5p
If unable to checkout during these times, schedule checkout with advisor

Bring your GOCard for checkout

An Advisor will assist with checkout
Using the DBC
Upon checkout, you will receive:
Tax-exempt forms
Receipt Form

When using the card:
Have your GOCard with you
Use tax-exempt forms
Retain all documentation
Especially the original, itemized receipt
Sign using your name
The DBC should never be given to another person to use
Using the DBC
Issues with the card?
Email us at
If lost or stolen, call 1-800-316-6056 to report the issue and email us
Returning the card
Must return between 12:30-1:30 or 4-5pm the following business day
Some exceptions may be made in advance of checkout by an advisor
The individual that checked it out is the only one that can return it
Complete the Receipt Form and provide the original, itemized receipt
Address any problems upon return
Ask for copies at the time of return, if wanted
Your Cost Center will be charged
the following month
Travel DBCs
4 DBCs available for reservation for travel events
Need to be reserved at least 4 business days in advance of checkout with your advisor
Checkout, use, and return are the same as regular DBCs
Completing the
Receipt Form
Refer to page 53
All receipts for DBC purchases must be accompanied by a completed
Receipt Form

Tape the receipt in the shaded area
or paperclip a larger receipt to the form
Please do not staple!
Approved Uses
of DBCs
Only for approved purchases
Purchases cannot exceed $500 per transaction
Purchases may not violate University policy or be for restricted items, like:
Tobacco products
Gift cards
No personal purchases
No purchases for organizations you are not authorized for

Responsibilities of Authorized Users
Abide by all expectations
Understand consequences of misuse
Ensure purchases have been approved
Have tax removed for appropriate purchases
Ensure purchases do not exceed budgeted amount
Ensure safe keeping of the DBC and associated documentation
Misuse & Negligence
Report any issues
Follow checkout and return protocol
Assume personal fiscal responsibility for charges that are challenged or deemed inappropriate while in possession of the card
Authorized User Agreement
Review the Authorized User Agreement
Complete the last page
Only 2 users per organization may be authorized at a time
Complete the section at the bottom of the page to identify the two authorized users for your organization

Misuse may include, but is not limited to:
Use for unapproved purchases
Use for personal purchases
Negligence may include, but is not limited to:
Loss of the DBC or any associated documentation
Allowing anyone else to be in possession of
or use the DBC
Copying, disseminating, or retaining the card information
returning the DBC late or without documentation
Misuse, negligence or any other policy violation will have personal and organizational consequences

All violations will be referred to Student Conduct and the appropriate Advisory Board/department

Personal charges may include:
Failure to comply
Falsification of University records
Violation of University regulations
Violations classified as Category B or C offenses

Consequences may include the following sanctions:
Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate use
Repayment of resources
Loss of card use privileges
Conduct probationary period
Suspension from the University
Required for:
Paying an individual or business for a service they are providing:
DJ Services
Sound, light, or scenery
Catering over $750.00
Venue rentals off-campus
Equipment rentals
You are using a service for something that involves risk:
Ropes Course Experience
Planning Ahead
Complex process involving multiple campus departments
May take 2-3 weeks, or longer
Contact advisor ASAP if you believe you need a contract
The Process
Contact your advisor to begin the process
Let your advisor know the following:
Whether you contracting with an individual or business
The individual or business's Vendor ID number
If they do not have one, instruct them to complete the form to obtain one
What service/product the vendor is providing your group
How much your group will pay for the product/service
Whether the vendor have insurance
Depending on the service/product, amount, and ability to provide proof of insurance, there may be additional forms to complete.
Only designated Contracting Agents
may sign Georgetown contracts
Advisors and students are NOT authorized to sign
Paying a Contract
Contracts may only be paid after they are signed by the University
Our standard payment period is 30-days after service
Notify the vendor early
Consult with your advisor regarding payment
Working with
Your Advisor
Your advisor needs to know:
Deadlines for all paperwork before trip
International Travel
Must meet with advisor 30 days in advance
Risk Management, Student Conduct,
Driver Authorization
Anyone planning to drive ANY vehicle for a University-sponsored event
Authorization process through Risk Management:
Send request to
Will receive an email asking for license and driving record
Complete online driver training
Get approved and added to list
Process takes at least 1 week
and expires 1 year from authorization date
Travel Expenses
Zip Car
Register online at for the group GUClubSports
Lauren will receive an email to confirm the user is authorized
Fee charged to respective cost center ($25), even if you already have an account
Card is mailed to CSE for student to pick up
Must be at least 18 years of age - NEW!
Cars located outside McDonough, Leavey, and DPS
Enterprise in Rosslyn
Call to make reservation
Obtain Enterprise Form from CSE
Complete and get advisor's signature
Pick up vehicle & provide form as payment
Must be at least 21 years of age
Rental Cars
Rental Cars
For-hire in the DMV area
Contact Transportation Management
Anthony Travel
Great for bus, train, and air travel
Obtain quotes before purchasing
Directly charged to cost center
Many have credit card authorization forms
Form completed by advisor
Eliminates need to present credit card at hotel
Registration Fees
If they accept credit card payment, pay ahead with your advisor's ProCard

If they only accept a check, issue a payment request early!
Travel Waiver
Must be completed by every individual that travels once per year
Complete online on the CSE HoyaLink Forms page
If under 18, notify your advisor

Travel Form - Pages 77-79
Must be completed by the Travel Captain/Coordinator
Must be completed for each travel event
Available on the CSE HoyaLink Documents page
Complete, print, sign and submit to CSE Advisor by the Wednesday before travel at 2pm
If forms are not submitted, group will NOT be allowed to travel
Travel Captains/Coordinators
Ensure all policies/protocols are followed
Complete and submit Travel Form
Check for completion of Travel Waiver by each participant
Communication of emergency procedures
Maintain contact with advisor
Take with you on the trip:
Copy of completed Travel Form
In Case of Emergency plan and contacts
Ensure everyone has medical insurance information and identification

Best Practices
Proper planning and preparation are critical to a successful experience for all

Health & safety are the most important aspects for all participants

Other tips:
Never go anywhere alone
Always look for the nearest exits
Lock all doors
Never leave possessions unattended
Student Code
of Conduct
Students are representatives of Georgetown University whenever they participate in a sponsored or funded trip by the University
Students are expected to comply with applicable policies, procedures, rules and regulations
Violations of these requirements may subject participants and groups to disciplinary action pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct
Tell your advisor RIGHT AWAY
Personal vehicles, own insurance
Rented vehicles with ProCard, University insurance
Students responsible for all tickets
Driver authorization makes or breaks insurance claims
Fill out incident report on CSE HoyaLink Documents page
In Case of Emergency
Contact your advisor by phone
Contact DPS
Follow up with advisor upon return
Fill out Travel Incident Report on the CSE HoyaLink Documents page
What's Next?
Advisory Board Breakouts
Student Activities Commission - ICC Auditorium
Club Sports - Leavey Program Room
Graduate Student Organization - Copley Formal

CSE Administrative Groups
Media Board
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