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deer research

No description

camden carper

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of deer research

Deer Population
Deer Control
Population Control
The white-tailed deer should be hunted to control their vastly growing populations because they are harming our economic value, they have many health benefits for humans and if there is no population control, the ecosystem becomes unhealthy
Crop Damage
White-tailed deer love our crops. Every year, they eat over 30,000,000
Food Supply & Health Benefits
White-tailed deer love our crops. Every year, they eat over 30 Million Dollars of crops, harming our economic value.
Some people depend on deer meat, or venison, for their own food. Deer meat, besides being a great source of food, is very nutritional and has less fat than other common foods as well as natural antibiotics.
If a white-tailed deer population has a lack of resources such as food, water, and shelter from a population spike, many deer can die from a slow and painful death of starvation, when they could just be hunted and stop that before it happens

The lack of food for the deer doesn't only starve the deer but also spreads disease within their population, killing of more deer with slow painful deaths.
The population spike that would take away the deers' food would also take away the food of other species that share the same food, meaning that the population spike would affect the whole ecosystem
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