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The Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing Unit

X-Line Series

gregg slayton

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of The Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing Unit

perfectly suited
for walk-in cooler and freezer applications, display cases, and other refrigeration needs.
in size from 1.5–6 HP
The X-Line Series offers the most advanced technologies available on the market today.
Provides the most reliable, highest efficiency compression technology available on the market today and serves as the workhorse and intelligence of the condensing unit. There are more than 100 million Copeland Scrolls in operation today.

Offer greater reliability
than traditional mechanical controls. Integrated with
the compressor, electronic controls provide compressor protection, allow for faster system start-up and lower maintenance costs by aiding
in system troubleshooting
and minimizing nuisance calls.

Increases efficiency, aids in heat transfer, lowers condensing temperatures and allows units to operate in a wider range of ambient temperatures.
A lighter frame and a smaller footprint allow for flexible installation options, including wall-mounting capabilities.

A heated and insulated receiver allows the
unit to operate in
low-ambient situations.

The X-Lines’
slim profile, lighter weight
wall mount capabilities
means that operators avoid more costly solutions due to location issues. These features also
mean lower installation costs
improved appearance
. For Manhattan Diner, the flexible installation options offered by the X-Line made all the difference.
Manhattan Diner, located in NYC at 94th & Broadway, could not install conventional condensing units on the roof of its six-story building due to space constraints. A seven-foot wide alley was the only other location option. The X-Line condensing unit’s
slim profile allowed the units to be installed safely on the building
wall using heavy-duty brackets – high enough not to interfere with the ground areas between New York City’s alleyways.
“After seeing how easy the installation was, I am going to use the X-Line for another job because of the ease of installation.”
Nick Benetos, Owner, Gibsen HVAC
Sun King Brewery, a craft brewery located in Indianapolis, Indiana, was forced to put its condensing unit in the front
of its downtown location, within close proximity to the
main parking lot and front entrance of the building. A
discreet solution was critical. The X-Line was
for its ultra-low sound levels
compared to typical
outdoor condensing units.
“The X-Line Condensing Units exceeded my expectations. The solution makes sense for small business owners who need peace of mind that their equipment will work ”
Omar Robinson, President, Sun King Brewery
Emerson X-Line's energy
efficiency levels
are unmatched. The unit typically offers a
payback in just one year
. It delivers up to
25% higher annual efficiencies
compared to industry offerings.
Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
attributes a 21% energy savings
to the use of the Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit
when compared to
legacy technology
“The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit
is an important part of our refrigeration energy savings program”
Tom Brozich, Director of Field Operations, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
The X-Line unit is
built to withstand harsh environments
. Protective coatings resist corrosion
in coastal zones, and
intelligent controls adapt to
Arctic blasts and Death Valley heat
. CoreSense
protects against common failures and identifies
nuisance conditions, avoiding unneeded service.
Maverick Convenience stores selected the X-Line condensing unit
for its ability to handle the heat
– literally. Maverick tested the unit in a Mesquite, Nevada location where temperatures soar to 147 degrees in July. The unit has
performed efficiently without any need for maintenance
for more than two years.
“I knew if it would work in 147 degree heat in Mesquite, Nevada, it would work anywhere. Two years later, I have yet to receive a service call.”
Jim Alexander, Epic Refrigeration
protection and electronic controls reduce
potential service costs
and result in a reliable, longer-lasting
unit. United Dairy Farmers has seen how
connectivity minimizes maintenance costs
maximizes system reliability
United Dairy Farmers installed X-Line Condensing Units in conjunction with Site-Controller technologies from Emerson Retail Solutions. The X-Line's One-Way Communication Board
communicates with site controllers
which receive alarms and notice statuses from the X-Line.
“With more pressure than ever on operating profits, our use of Emerson’s solutions have delivered greater energy and maintenance savings than any other initiatives. This helps our store managers focus on delivering the superior customer service United Dairy Farmers is known for, while enabling our operations team to save energy and ensure stores run optimally”
Brad Lindner, CEO, United Dairy Farmers
The X-Line Condensing Unit’s
ultra-quiet design
means that it
operates at
low decibel level
, providing a more peaceful atmosphere for customers and neighbors.
For Sun King Brewery, the X-Line’s low decibel levels
were a game changer.
Quantifiable Business Results
X-Line Annual Energy
Savings Calculator
Copeland Scroll compressor technology
Electronic controls
Oversized condenser coils
Receiver heater
Slim-profile chassis
for more information about the X-Line Series.
Eliminates the need for
a mechanical head pressure control valve and offers more consistent, quieter control of the unit. The fan blade design offers virtually noiseless operation (as low as 53 decibels at 10 feet).
Variable speed fan motor control
Improves capacity and energy efficiency by utilizing a sub-cooling circuit. Additionally, vaporized refrigerant from the sub-cooling circuit is injected into the Scroll set, offering increased over-heat protection.
Enhanced vapor injection
Have you
ever wished for
greater installation flexibility?
Is your
refrigeration equipment more of a problem than it should be?
Have you
ever wanted to track and monitor your equipment performance?
Do you
have to operate your store within noise ordinance constraints?
Are you
concerned about regulatory constraints for your region?
Do you
feel pressured by your headquarters to maintain energy costs?
The X-Line Series' features make it the best option on the market for c-stores

The Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Condensing Unit (X-Line Series) for commercial refrigeration applications offers c-store operators the greatest energy efficiency, performance and flexibility available in a standard condensing unit.
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