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What is Feudalism

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Janna Lopez

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of What is Feudalism

What is Feudalism
Feudalism-a system which a landowning nobles governed & protected people in return
Vassal-in feudalism, a noble who held land from & served a higher-ranking lord & in return was protection
Fief-under feudalism, the lord granted to a vassal in exchange for military service or loyalty
Knight- a noble warrior who fought on horseback in the middle ages
Serf- peasant or laborer bound by law to the lands of the noble

More Important Things 2 Know

The Manorial System- It was the system on the manners of the lords.
Shift-to change place, or position, or direction
Serf’s Home-Serfs don’t have that much stuff in their home. They slept on hay and used wood for tables.
Peasants-they are freeman compared to the serfs but most peasants were serfs.Peasants were freeman because they paid a fee for the right to own the farm.
Manner-Lords or Ladies live in manners and they have serfs

Important People & Place & Facts

This took place in Medieval Europe
There was many famous knights like Sir Lancelot
A lord can be a lord and a vassal because he or she is a lord to the serfs and they are vassals to the king.
Serfs can get away from their owner and be free after one year without being found.
Serfs work for food and protection.

Feudalism is a system which a landowning nobles governed & protected people in return. Feudalism starts with the king to the lords.To the lords the knights and to the knights the peasants and serfs.Many peasants were serfs but there was a couple of them who paid a fee.Serfs worked for lord 3 days a week. The lord was a vassal to the king. There was also knights who protected the people during war. The feudal system was very important because it work and it was very smart.

Cause & Effect

Cause~Lords taxed their serfs lot for extra
Effect~ so the serfs had to work more so they can pay the taxes

Comparison in History

Work Sited

Social Studies WorkBook and Textbook

Samurai and the knights are the same in these ways.
They both have a code of conduct
Both part of the feudalism
They both have to protect their country
Knights and Samurai are loyal to the King/Emperor

BY: Janna Allyssa Bongga Lopez
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