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Southfort Chevrolet, Brandon & Emigdio

No description

Alberta Prezi

on 24 October 2018

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Transcript of Southfort Chevrolet, Brandon & Emigdio

Thank you for your time today Brandon + Emigdio for the opportunity to show you this marketing proposal for Southfort Chevrolet; both are appreciated. In our previous discussion, some important points were made regarding your local marketing. Let’s recap!

We discussed running an annual branding campaign for top of mind awareness, to help promote sales and generate more foot traffic.

You are currently utilizing approximately 90% digital media and 10% flyers, mail outs and other print media and we discussed how radio could help as well.

Live Action Broadcasts for promotions and charity opportunities (107 Days of Summer, sales events, fundraising efforts, live entertainment from local artists in the showroom)

Co-Op (cost sharing) was discussed.

We will be showing you two campaign options within the budget you
mentioned in our initial meeting.

Thank You
Brandon Schroder,
Emigdio Oliveros,
& Daniel Heesing
Branding can
this car....
Both will get you where you need to go, but we all know which one is better. Faster. More effective at getting you from point A to point B. Branding does just this. It accelerates your business goals.

Tag sponsorship

•3 x 7s tags daily, Monday-Friday. Tags air from 6am-6pm.
•Total of 15 tags weekly (excluding all AB Stat Holidays)
•747 tags a year!

Script Sample

V1: FortSaskOnline Weather/News/Sports with Southfort Chevrolet, enjoy free oil changes for life on every used vehicle purchase. Discover what really drives you, visit our showroom at 10109-89 ave next to McDonalds.

Weekly Investment: $157 + GST
(Monthly Investment depends on
how many weeks in the month)

Annual Investment: $8,164 + GST
Avg Monthly Investment: $680.33 + GST

Cost sharing

Cars, trucks, parts, apparel


Meet our co-op rep, Candice Hirsche

More Online
Marketing Options
Option 2 - News Page Premium Position Dominance

News Page Leaderboard Position 2, (3 of 4 Rotations)

Monthly Investment: $945 + GST

Option 3 - Multiple Page Dominance

Home Page Leaderboard Position 1, 1 rotation
News Page Leaderboard Position 3, 1 rotation
Weather Page Big Box Position 1, 1 rotation
Local Job Shop Page Big Box Position 1, 1 rotation

Monthly Investment: $1,024 + GST
Who is MIX107.9?
What is Fort Sask Online?
Spec Ads
Big Box
Ad Layout
Big Box Ad
Leaderboard Ad

Branding Campaign

MIX 107.9 Radio Full Sell Commercials

60 x 30 second commercials (50 paid @ $30, 10 at no charge)
Airing in our Guaranteed Audience Plan
(75% 6am-6pm, 25% 6pm-12am)

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun - 16 ads (4/day) for week 1 & 3 = 32 total
Tues, Thur, Sun - 14 ads (4/day) for week 2 & 4 = 28 total

Monthly Investment: $1,500 + GST

Fort Sask Online

Option 1 - Home Page Premium Position Dominance

Home Page Leaderboard Position 1, 3 of 4 rotations

Monthly Investment: $1,023 + GST

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