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Social Entrepreneurship

No description

ken deemer

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Entrepreneurship

Individual with innovative solutions to society's most pressing problems...for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole, rather than to private individuals "Social
Entrepreneur" For Profit
Not For Profit
For Profit subsidiary of Not for Profit
Social Enterprise
LLC or Corporation
"B" Corp
JV, Marketing Agreement, etc. Social
Partners Business Profits Taxes to government Donations to charity Services to Society …who are ready to invest in building and supporting the long-term capacity of an organization, rather than short-term projects or programs. A Network of Engaged Philanthropists TIME, TREASURE, TALENT Partners give a minimum of $5k/yr.
Agree on area of common interest
Investment pool is spent each year
Partners invest their time and talent Partners provide support with: financial management
information technology
marketing and public relations
mission, vision, strategy & planning
human resource management program evaluation
fund developmentboard leadershipleadership development and legal affairs 26 SVP ORGANIZATIONS Arizona
British Columbia Calgary
Los Angeles
Minnesota Pittsburgh
Rhode Island Sacramento
San Diego
Santa Barbara Seattle
Silicon Valley
St Louis
Waterloo SVP’S DUAL MISSION Educating individuals to be well-informed, effective and engaged philanthropists

Collaboratively investing time, expertise and money in innovative nonprofits to strengthen their organizations WHAT MAKES SVP UNIQUE Length of relationship – up to five years

Attention to building organizational capacity

A focus on outcomes and assessment

Deeper, more engaged relationships while respecting the expertise of the non-profit

Exit strategy IN 13 YEARS…… More than 2000 Partners in 26 communities in the USA, Canada and Japan

$36 million in grants to 397 nonprofit organizations

Countless hours of strategic volunteering contributed to nonprofits

An average of two or three new Social Venture Partnerships joining the network each year. Our vision is that Social Venture Partners will become the highest impact way for an individual to effect positive social change in his or her community. Traditional Approach Double, Triple Bottom Line Corporations
Cause Marketing
Impact Investing
Venture Philanthropy
Crowd Funding
Conventional Venture Funding
Prize Philanthropy The "Sweet Spot" Ca$h Out Make a ton
of Money Start a company Old Paradigm Become a
Philanthropist New Paradigm I want to change the world... LA Social Venture Partners
Environmental Charter Schools
ken@interven.com Ken Deemer Now! Organizational
Structures New
Funding Streams Social Enterprise Investors Social ROI Financial ROI SUCCCESS! Purpose
Self "Monomaniac
on a
Mission!" What it Takes "Break
the Rules"
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