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Mastering Self-Management

SLS Presentation

Maria Murray

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Mastering Self-Management

What is Self Management?

Taking the responsibility to create the life that you want leading to actions which becomes the next step to turn your ambitions into reality. Mastering Self-Management Their is a time in our life where we loose focus but for a struggling student losing focus can mean weeks even months of arriving to class late and procrastinating with every tasks they are assigned.

Inner Defender-has excuses to quit because feels overwhelmed with the extensive list of assignments.
e.g. take their eyes off the winning prize.

Inner Critic-practices self judgements.
e.g.I'm not smart enough, I can't do it, I should give up.

Inner Guide-hey complete their tasks with great effort.
e.g.stays focus an finish strong. Staying Focused Being Persistent Video Develop Self-Confidence Create a Success Identity -Every day write down a success it doesn't matter how big or small it is and read them over everyday to remind yourself of your own accomplishments.

-Always reward your success with something special a Dinner, Movie or something you just really enjoy doing. Celebrate Your Successes and Talents Visualize Purposeful Actions here an e.g of how to maintain an organized

1. Tracking form- To direct your outer and inner action steps toward your employment goal

2. Next action lists- A great tool for keeping track of essential one-time actions like returning calls or sending thank-you notes after an interview

3. Monthly calendars- Help you avoid the embarrassment of arriving late or having to cancel a job interview because of a scheduling conflict Creating a Self-Management System 32-Day Commitment

What is it?

A 32-Day commitment is a list, outline or whatever you prefer to call it. It's listed with the little things you'd like to do for yourself and another list of the things you make to make life better for you.

Why make one?

Making an 32-Day commitment outline, is like almost signing your very own contract, something that you can be accountable for and held against, so it's up to you to make the right choices, think positive, and keep track of time because its passes very fast and you don't want to be someone recognized as always being late.

Why should you be committed?

You as a student in school should be very committed because that's your PROMISE to your dream and yourself. Continuing firmly to get a task done regardless of how difficult it can be.

Think of it like building a muscle. If you have
never weight trained before, the first time you walk into a gym, chances are you will
not be able to bench press 250 lbs. However, if you are persistent, and
you consistently go back to the gym, you will find yourself getting
stronger and closer to your goal with each and every visit Being Persistent 32 Day Commitment
Because I know that this commitment will keep me on course to my goals,
I promise myself that every day for the next 32 days I will take the following actions: 32 Day Commitment
Because I know that this commitment will keep me on course to my goals, I promise myself that every day for the next 32 days I will take the following actions: " To get what you want, stop what isn't working"
-Unknown Quote -Clarity of thinking
-Good memory
Being punctual
-Keep calm
-Being objective
-Think rational Qualities of good time Management Developing Self- Discipline Develop Self- Confidence

"Believe in Yourself" -Believing you can do anything you set your mind to do.
-Self Confidence is a key to success.
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