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All about JFK

No description

Marlene Taylor

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of All about JFK

May 29,1917 - November 22,1963 John F. Kennedy My Personal Summary Friendship 7 Capsule What I found interesting about J.F.K. was that he was one of the few presidents that was assassinated. I think he was a successful president because he created the peace corps and made a great inauguration speech about protecting freedom and liberty. Two questions that I would ask him would be if you were to live a second term what would you have done ? My second question would be what was his favorite sport? Family Photo His adult life 1. Later John F. Kennedy married Jackie Kennedy .
2. They had two children John Jr. and Caroline.
3. John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president.
4. He was assassinated on November 22, 1963 while
in office.
5 . He was in office from 1961-1963. Date of Birth and Family
1. He was born May 29, 1917. John F. Kennedy
2. His parents were Joseph and Rose Kennedy.
3. He had three brothers and five sisters.
4. He was born in Brookline, Massachusetts.
5. He went to the finest school in Massachusetts Events - While In Office 1. President Kennedy created the Peace Corps.
2. This organization gathered volunteers to travel to poor
3. Not every nation saw freedom the same way however.
4. Cuban Missile Crisis
5. In 1959, a rebel leader named Fidel Castro had
overthrown the ruling government of Cuba. John Glenn made history by flying completely around the Earth from space Apollo 11 Lands
on the Moon
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