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What were the main reasons why World War II started?


andre hammer

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of What were the main reasons why World War II started?

What are the main reasons why World War II started? Information report Introduction Narrative Fine Arts Journal Entries 1 2 3 Conclusion Questions? Quiz! Learning Log 10/8/12

It's my third day back at school and I'm far behind.
I have a little bit of information but not enough to do my factual text, which is due in a week!

My book review isn't going good too because I don't have a book, and I was supposed to get a book to read three weeks ago but I was in Germany so I couldn't. I also have to finish the book, that I still haven't got! Hello and welcome to my IRT presentation.
My IRT question of choice is “what are the main reasons why World War II started?”
I chose this topic as I was very interested to learn more about how and why someone would have started such a great war and for what purpose.
The Second World War was the result of a number of failures. The harsh conditions of the Treaty of Versailles meant that Germany would never have peace as for years to come it would be reminded of the harshness that it was dealt in 1919.

Any chance the League of Nations had at maintaining world peace was eroded by the Great Depression and the economic pressure its member countries felt. The League’s slow response, Hitler’s hunger and the Great Depression are all contributors to the start of World War II. Thanks for watching! Learning log 10/8/12
I have just finished my book and the book review and also the information report. I'm so happy but IRT is far from over so I can't get too excited that it's close to over.
But my Narrative is going well after sitting down for 2 hours trying to think of something to write but I think it was worth it because my Narrative now sounds really good and I'm proud of myself that I wrote such a good novel.
I have also just started my Fine arts and even though it just has a head, a t-shirt and pants I think it will turn out good. Book review !!!!Quiz!!!! Pop art Bibliography Learning log 17/9/12 Today I’m at my mum’s work to finish my IRT because we are already having presentations and I still need to finish my Prezi, speech and finishing touches on my fine arts. I’m performing on Wednesday and very nervous about performing! Quiz!!!! 1. How many people lost their lives in WWII? Answer: between 50 – 60 million 2. How many countries were involved in the war? Answer: 61 4. WWII ended when Hitler: A) Went into Hiding
B) Committed suicide
C) Surrendered to the Allies
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