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Pay forward: The disabilities human rights

No description

tony chen

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of Pay forward: The disabilities human rights

Pay forward: The disabilities human rights

we want to discuss about the rights of disabilities humans?

can we do for them?
Final step
Detail 1
The first is what the thing we can pay forward, what can we service for this society. The disabilities human is what we want to care about because this problem always around in our life.
Detail 2
The problem that we need to remember is a cycle of poverty and disabilities . In our experience people with disabilities are excluded . And it is hard to escape the cycle of poverty and disabilities .
Detail 3
Detail 1
We have to make a sprite which content is break the barriers to end the cycle of poverty and disability . If we don't have this sprite that we will be hard to do next step.
Detail 2
We have to help them could be get involved the education, medical treatment and participate in the political .
Employment is the most important way for people with disabilities to break out of poverty. So make sure them have a same rights to get a job is what we have to do .
Detail 3
Of cause they have rights to get the dignity from other normal people . Actually a sprite of them is same with us .
Our product is not a object entity in this world. Is a sprite . And we summed up this sprite in the one sentence .
In the experience , sometimes that had a discrimination on disabilities people. And is need to break it
Together we can End the cycle
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