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Oscar Wilde Research Paper

How Oscar Wilde uses aestheticism in his works.

Renee Johnson

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Oscar Wilde Research Paper

Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde's Life Aestheticism "The Happy Prince" "The Devoted Friend" Writing technique which tries to make every thing beautiful.
An aesthete is a writer who uses aestheticism (“Aestheticism and Oscar Wilde”).
Many people did not agree with this writing style because of the negative and morbid themes and messages.
Oscar Wilde was often criticized because of his themes (Maunder 5). Oscar Wilde was born on October 16, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland.
He married Constance Lloyd and together, he and Constance had two sons.
On November 30, 1900, Oscar Wilde died from a short illness (“Aestheticism and Oscar Wilde”). How Aestheticism is Used Aestheticism is used with the prince. The prince had lived a beautiful life but he had never cared about anybody but himself. The citizens only saw the prince's riches and his life which are just appearances and possessions. Instead of looking at his heart and character, they were fooled by the prince's glories Wilde, “The Happy Prince”). How Aestheticism is used Oscar Wilde utilizes aestheticism through Hugh. From an outsider’s perspective, Hugh seems like a good friend. The friendship is not good on the inside, but to outsiders, and even Hans, it seems like a perfectly healthy relationship (Wilde, "The Devoted Friend"). "The Young King" How aestheticism is used “Aestheticism and Oscar Wilde.”Douban. Douban.com. 04 August 2011. Web. 11 October 2012.
Maunder, Andrew. British Short Story. New York: Andrew Maunder. 2007. Print.
“Oscar Wilde (1854-1900).” Contemporary Authors Online. Gale. 2009. Web. 08 October 2012.
“Short Story.” Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com. n.d. Web. 12 October 2012.
Wilde, Oscar. “The Devoted Friend.” Read Book Online. 04 October 2012.
Wilde, Oscar. “The Happy Prince.” Read Book Online. 04 October 2012.
Wilde, Oscar. “The Young King.” Read Book Online. 04 October 2012. Works Cited Oscar Wilde uses aestheticism with the prince’s robe and how the people react to the king’s decision about what he wants to wear. The people cannot get over his appearances and move onto his heart (Wilde, “The Young King”).
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