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Evolution of Portable Music Players

timeline of each innovation

izzy laurel

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of Evolution of Portable Music Players

EVOLUTION OF THE PORTABLE MUSIC PLAYER BY: IZZY LAUREL -first portable music player was the transistor radio
-made on Novermber 1, 1954
-used A-batteries
-made by Bell Telephone Labs -April 1, 1979
-Portable Cassete was made
-AKA 'the Walkman'
-invented by Fritz Pfleumer -June 1, 1984
-Sony Discman was made
-first to play music on a compact disc (CD) -1993
-Moving Picture Group invents the MP3
-audio storage, playback, and transferring music -November 10, 2001
-Apple invents the first iPod
-less bulky than other music players -iPod touch 1st generation was made
-can go on the internet
-watch video
-play games
-September 5, 2007 -iPhone 4
-music player and a phone
-same features as an iPod
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Lungu, R. (n.d.). History of the Portable Audio Player - Softpedia. Latest gadgets, news and reviews - Softpedia. Retrieved September 14, 2011, from http://gadgets.softpedia.com/news/History-of-the-Portable-Audio-Player-046-01.html The evolution of portable music players affects society because now there is a better way to listen to the music you want. The devices that are used are smaller and have more features. whitney onheiser
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