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No description

john gencaymoon

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of GLAMAZON

Ralph Lauren Platinum Gold
Ralph Lauren Environmental Factors
- demographic:
gender includes both females and males
aged between the teens and mid-20s

- geographic:-
generally situated in the eastern suburbs or on the north shore

Marketing group members
Presented by:
Mustafa Gencay
Jordan Scoular
Calvin Lo
Mark Tu
Paulan Ma
Brief Analysis
Glamazons are what you call divas or peppies which are based around the age groups from late teens to early twenties. Glamazons must have the latest designer brand fashion all thanks to mummy and daddy's money.
- psychographic:
always up to date with the latest trends
- behavioural:
tend to flow towards brands which are well-known and expensive
Glamazons influence
Australians are becoming more educated, meaning greater knowledge of the quality, therefore Glamazons are educated on the best of quality.
State of economy and income of the Glamazon will become a factor in spending.
High income => greater spending
Low income => less spending
Glamazons are of a socially upper class values which influence their values and beliefs.
forces inside the business that affect the bality to perform in the market, these forces include the company itself, customers and market intermediaries.
The company itself: Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren have already established a good name in other markets.
Ralph Lauren has a strength for selling its new product Platinum Gold perfume, as the company has a established management team and experience in each level of business operations.
Platinum Gold is aimed at Glamazons, therefore have a small target market.
Platinum Gold meets the demands and want of glamazons and will sell to the market
Marketing intermediaries
Platinum gold will only be on sale from wholesalers that have a liscence to sell Ralph Lauren products.
Exclusive to certain stores
Ralph Lauren Platinum Gold's Competitors
Competitors for Ralph Lauren Platinum Gold
Calvin Klein
Hugo Boss
Giorgio Armani
Tommy Hilfiger
SWOT Analysis
Brand new fragrance product that will attract target market. Easily fit the Glamazon lifestyle
Comparisons to other brands
product has a high spending opportunity because of the target market
competitors also making fragrance products targeted at the same market
cheap replicas being produced.
Ralph Lauren Platinum Gold
Marketing Strategy
made to fit the glamazon lifestyle
stylish bottle that comes in various sizesof... with a lasting fragrance of 6-8 hours.
market price skimming is used as the pricing strategy.
prices for the various sizes include...
wholesalers that are licensed to sell Ralph Lauren products.
social media sites such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc and target specific locations in order to attract Glamazons and make them the subject of the marketing strategy as much as possible.
Beauty and fashion related magazines
For regular customers of cK, they may receive electronic catalogues via emails etc
Response to tribes needs
• The marketing strategy for our fragrance product “Ralph Lauren: Platinum Gold” meets the specific needs and wants that are specific to the Glamazon tribe.
• Our product ‘Ralph Lauren: Platinum Gold’ is ideal for Glamazons, it completes the Glamazon. It completes the glamazon because a glamazon already has the best designer clothing… our designer fragrance adds that finishing touch our competitors fail to bring
• Our fragrance is a necessity for an up to date glamazon to maintain their ‘Glamorous’ appearance and perception.
• Platinum Gold would make anyone turn around and question themselves “What is that amazing smell?” and make people want more of it.
Ralph Lauren Platinum Gold was created to suit the male glamazon. Its a masculine yet subtle fresh aqua fragrance with its bottle designed by the worlds best.
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