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Design a poster

rijina jalal

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of POSTER MAKING

HOW TO DESIGN A POSTER POSTER MAKING A poster is any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface.

Posters are a great way to present
information in a visual format. WHAT DOES A POSTER CONTAIN? Make sure your poster is attention getting.
Give an attractive heading/ caption.
Include information that is brief and easy to read. A GOOD POSTER THINGS TO REMEMBER:
Have a plan
Draw a box
Write a heading/ caption
Give brief information
Draw attractive pictures. START MAKING A POSTER! POSTER PURPOSE To communicate with a large number of people.
To attract the attention of a large number of people at a time.
To convey message in a limited space. What are they?
Why are they?
What do they contain?
How are they designed? What does this poster convey? A HEADING
INFORMATION Make it neat! Do not make it messy!
Include pictures that explain your topic.
Check your spelling and then check it again.
Use intense colors to catch the attention of people. A GOOD POSTER ASSIGNMENT MAKE A POSTER ON SAVE TREES ROUTE MAP A poster is an informative, often decorative way to attract attention to the information it contains.

A poster always communicate a message.

A poster has short and sweet
Caption which will make its title. POSTER HOW TO MAKE A POSTER Divide your page into two or three as shown in the figure.
Do your art work in the center.
Let top and bottom lines be your title or message. Your title & message Your art work Here is another example for you: EVALUATION
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